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9 burning questions we have after Clique episode 1

The BBC3 university drama kicked off with a whole lotta psychological drama - and left us with plenty of questions that need answering

Published: Thursday, 9th March 2017 at 4:00 pm

BBC3's new psychological drama Clique kicked off with more than one (literal) bang this weekend, as Edinburgh university freshers Holly and Georgia immersed themselves in student life - and the world of Professor Jude McDermid's Solasta Initiative.


The pair's friendship came under strain as Georgia drifted toward Jude's hand-picked Solasta 'girls' and as Holly followed her friend down the rabbit hole, a series of sinister events began to unfold.

So what's ACTUALLY going on in Jess Brittain's new drama? We've got a few burning questions that need answering if we're going to figure that out...

1. What’s really going at the Solasta Women’s Initiative?


Jude and her brother, Alistair, come across as a fairly ambitious duo who aren’t afraid to do what it takes to get ahead.

They’ve already both done quite well for themselves and launched an internship programme to give young women the chance to get their careers off to a flying start too.

But Jude makes it fairly clear that it won’t be easy to get in, and Fay, who has been through the process and is now allegedly flying high, hints that it ain't a bed of roses either.

“If you’re not the best, then don’t waste my time. I don’t like you”, Jude tells the class, leaving us wondering just what exactly she expects from her ‘girls’.

And what happens to the ones who let her or her brother down…

2. What happened to Holly when she was younger? And why is she having flashbacks?

Holly regularly takes little trips down memory lane to her early years, and more specifically the year she met Georgia. We now know Holly was alone when she met her best pal, but why was she all by herself?

Her most vivid flashbacks seem to involve water and screaming.

Could something sinister involving the sea have happened to Holly when she was little? Or did something happen to one of her friends?

3. Why is Elizabeth keeping such a close eye on everyone’s movements? 


She’s got a diary documenting pretty much everyone in the dorm’s movements, but eh, why exactly? And why is she so obsessed with Holly and Georgia’s relationship?

4. Who is Mo, exactly? And what's he really up to?

Driver Mo is a man of few words. “I just drive” he says, when asked who he works for. And it certainly seems as though that’s all he does – until he shows up at the house when Holly finds Fay in a bloody bath.

Mo is clearly much more than just a driver for the girls. Could he be tasked with clearing any evidence of their misadventures too?

5. What were Fay and James arguing about?


While exploring the house Holly comes across Fay in an upstairs bedroom. She walks in on the Solasta intern as she’s sniffing what looks like cocaine. Holly’s in the middle of a bad trip when James, bursts into the room demanding to know what she’s doing there.

“What did he say?” James asks Fay, who tells him“ it doesn’t matter any more”. James gets rather edgy about Holly’s presence, so Fay shoves her out of the room claiming that she’s “just a random”.

But what did the pair need to discuss so desperately? Who was the "he" James was asking about? And why did James insist that Fay needed to stay away?

6. Who is Rory?

Holly meets a seemingly down to earth young man by the name of Rory while attending the party in Charlie’s house. “We’re not all like that” he tells Holly after Charlie slips her a pill.

He doesn’t stick around long, though, because he’s called to join the party at the pool and we don’t see him again after that, despite his promise that he’ll come and find Holly.

What connects Rory to Solasta Finance? And will we come across him again?

7. Why did Georgia call Holly in a panic? And what happened to her when she left the house?


Wild child Georgia’s last words to Holly were rather unsettling, and when her best friend arrived at the girls’ house to find her gone she was understandably worried.

Fay was lying in a pool of her own blood and the other three girls were nowhere to be found. Could Georgia have gone with them? Or could she have met a far more sinister fate?

8. Why did Fay take her own life? 

From her insistence that Georgia and Holly needed to go home in the club to her somewhat frosty exchange with Jude in the lecture theatre, Fay never did seem too happy with her lot.

And when she reluctantly hopped into a car while crying, it was clear that something was up.

Why would a girl with a full time job in Client Relations waiting for her at Solasta take her own life? Did Fay know too much? Or had she just had enough?

And why did the girls leave her alone in the first place when they clearly knew all was not right with her?

9. And what did her final words to Holly mean?


“You don’t get it yet, but you will” she said.

But what is it that Holly needs to “get” exactly?


Clique continues on Sundays on BBC3


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