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9 burning questions we have after Clique episode 2

Is Georgia in too deep with Jude's girls? Or is Holly just mad with jealousy?

Published: Tuesday, 14th March 2017 at 4:00 pm

BBC3's new university drama Clique took more thrilling twists and turns this week as Holly struggled to get to the bottom of what happened to her best pal Georgia in the series opener.


Her journey into the world of Solasta finance took her to some rather dark places, throwing up more questions than answers in the process...

1. Why are the girls so reluctant to talk to Holly?

Holly was the one who found Fay after receiving a very distressed phone call from Georgia, and she attempted to save Fay’s life. Why, then, are the girls so reluctant to talk to her?

And why are they so plain rude about her attempts to figure out what happened to Georgia?

Do they have something to hide? Or is there someone they're afraid of?

2. What really happened the night before Fay died?


We know something was amiss the night Fay tried to take her own life, not least because of Georgia’s phone call. When Holly asks Rachel, she’s told to “leave us alone”, but it’s clear something’s bugging Alastair’s PA.

Could she be hiding something? Or simply too traumatised to speak about the events of that night?

3. What is Georgia hiding?


Having disappeared for hours after her phone call to Holly, Georgia reappears outside their student residence looking a million dollars and acting as though nothing happened.

“Don’t shut me out”, Holly begs her as she’s about to drive off with Mo to her new home with the girls. “I’m not”, Georgia responds, but it’s clear she’s not telling the whole truth.

4. What did Holly do when she was 11?

Holly’s latest flashback features a metal swing set with a series of names (Holly, Willy, Sean, Milly, Kelly and Lisa) scratched into it. When Georgia asks about them it’s revealed that they’re no longer friends with Holly “because of what [she] did”.

Fay later alludes to the same thing in Holly’s vision of her. “You can’t resist. You have to put things right. Because of what you did”, she says, as Holly thinks back to a time she jumped from a wall into the water, mumbling “come back, I’m sorry”.

Did something happen to one of Holly’s friends in the water? And why is she sorry about it?

5. Why wasn’t James welcome at Fay’s memorial?


James Buxton first popped up in episode one, arguing with Fay in Charlie’s palatial pad about what someone might do if they found out what she’d done.

He comes to Fay’s memorial and seems to warn Holly off being anywhere near the Solasta Women’s Initiative, but before he can say any more Rory intervenes to get him out of the building.

Holly prods the banker for more information as they drive to Alastair’s fundraiser but Rory brushes her off and gets out of the car. “Just needs a bit of time off work” he says, “he’ll be alright.”

6. Does Jude know what’s really going on? 


She claims to have “missed” how unhappy Fay was and tells Holly she’s looking out for her girls. But can we really believe her? Or is she a master of manipulation and deceit?

7. Who is Lucas Steiner?


Solasta client Lucas Steiner is “richer than Bono and everyone wants his cash” says Rory. Fay was on his relationship team so the girls are all eager to get in his good books and take her job.

How well did Steiner know Fay, though? And could he have had anything to do with her death?

8. Who is in the house on the beach? 

As Georgia makes her away across the sand and lights flash on the beach, we can make out a solitary figure standing in a lit house.

Who are they? And why does Georgia look a little scared?

9. Is Holly losing her mind?


She's having visions of Fay and staring into mirrors in quite a creepy way. Has she lost sigh of reality? Or is she simply strong-minded and determined to do what it takes to get to the bottom of what's REALLY going on?


New episodes of Clique are available to stream on BBC3 on Sundays


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