Trigonometry is "a love story about three people who are made for each other."


Written by Duncan Macmillan and Effie Woods, the BBC Two drama features up-and-coming actors Gary Carr, Thalissa Teixeira and Ariane Labed.

Here’s everything we know so far:

When is Trigonometry on TV?

CONFIRMED: The show will premiere on Sunday 15th March on BBC Two, with the first two episodes at 10pm and 10.45pm.

What is Trigonometry about?


The eight-part drama follows cash-strapped couple Gemma and Kieran, who welcome flatmate Ray into their London apartment. However, all three soon realise that they were meant to be together in an unconventional three-way relationship.

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As the BBC puts it, “funny and full of sexual tension, Trigonometry has emotional and psychological truthfulness at its heart.” Despite family and friends telling the trio that their arrangement is doomed, the three find they can't be apart – and begin a polyamorous relationship.

The series was created by Duncan Macmillan, the playwright behind Lungs and the stage adaptation of Nineteen Eighty-Four, and writer Effie Woods. “Trigonometry is about negotiating new relationships with compassion and humour,” the pair said. “Set in a city that can feel cold and unfriendly, at a time when we’re more divided than ever, this is a show about love.”

Tessa Ross CBE – who worked on Slumdog Millionaire, Billy Elliot and 12 Years a Slave – is an executive producer on the drama alongside Juliette Howell. Trigonometry is directed by Greek filmmaker Athina Rachel Tsangari and Stella Corradi – the director behind Channel 4’s Through the Gates.

Who stars in Trigonometry?

Trigonometry - Ep 1

Death in Paradise and The Deuce’s Gary Carr plays Kieran, with Thalissa Teixeira – known for her role as Sylvie in The Muskateers – starring as his girlfriend Gemma.

The Lobster’s Ariane Labed completes the trio as Ray, the couple’s new flatmate-turned-love interest.

The cast also includes Rebecca Humphries, Isabella Laughland, Ambreen Razia and Anne Consigny.


Is there a trailer?

Deadline shared an exclusive teaser trailer in February 2020.