If you're one of the many people who is sick and tired of trawling through dating apps, you'd be forgiven for thinking that a DNA test determining the love of your life sounds like a pretty appealing prospect.


However, as Netflix's The One proves, such fantasy technology would inevitably carry some dark consequences as there are some parts of life that are best left up to good old fashioned human instinct.

Tapping into the same futuristic paranoia as Black Mirror, The One has been another smash-hit for Netflix, shooting straight to the number one in the streaming service's top ten list.

Based on a book by John Marrs, the series stars Hannah Ware as Rebecca, the recklessly ambitious CEO and co-founder of MatchDNA, as well as the people impacted by her company's dangerous work.

Read on for everything you need to know about the cast of The One on Netflix.

Hannah Ware plays Rebecca

The One on Netflix

Who is Rebecca? Rebecca is the CEO and founder of MatchDNA, the company responsible for creating revolutionary technology that can match people with their genetic soulmates. However, her ambition and impulsive behaviour is setting her on a path towards catastrophe.

What else has Hannah Ware been in? Viewers may recognise Ware from the Kelsey Grammer's drama series Boss, where she played the estranged daughter of a Chicago mayor. She also played the lead role in short-lived US drama Betrayal and made appearances in Shame, Oldboy and Hitman: Agent 47.

Dimitri Leonidas plays James

Dimitri Leonidas in The One on Netflix

Who is James? James was once a close friend of Rebecca’s and co-founded MatchDNA alongside her. However, he left the company quite suddenly as it started to take off and nobody is quite sure why - apart from Rebecca herself, who has kept the information under wraps.

What else has Dimitri Leonidas been in? Leonidas got his start on the cult favourite kids drama series Grange Hill, but more recently starred opposite Julia Stiles in Sky Atlantic's Riviera. On the big screen, he appeared in The Monuments Men, a project spearheaded by Hollywood royalty George Clooney.

Amir El-Masry plays Ben

Amir El-Masry in The One on Netflix

Who is Ben? Ben is close friends with both MatchDNA founders, but his feelings for Rebecca have always run deeper. He sees their relationship as more than platonic, but she partners with somebody else after receiving her soulmate results.

What else has Amir El-Masry been in? El-Masry has popped up in a number of high-profile shows over the past few years, including BBC One's The Night Manager, McMafia and Amazon Prime Video's Jack Ryan. Most recently, he played Usman in BBC Two's banking drama, Industry.

Lois Chimimba plays Hannah

Lois Chimimba plays Hannah in The One on Netflix

Who is Hannah? Hannah is one of the many people whose lives are adversely affected by the work of MatchDNA. While she is totally in love with her husband, Mark, she becomes paranoid that he could decide to leave her for the supposed soulmate that the company offers.

What else has Lois Chimimba been in? Chimimba has collaborated with Jodie Whittaker on two occasions, first on medical drama Trust Me and later on The Tsuranga Conundrum, an episode from Doctor Who's 11th revived season. Most recently, she played Catherine Streeter on Sky One's fantasy series A Discovery of Witches.

Eric Kofi-Abrefa plays Mark

Eric Kofi Abrefa plays Mark in The One on Netflix

Who is Mark? Mark is Hannah's husband, who works as a journalist and is known for his friendly, relaxed approach.

What else has Eric Kofi-Abrefa been in? Kofi-Abrefa is probably best known for playing the role of Noah Webster on the period drama Harlots, which recently found a new lease of life on BBC Two. He has also appeared in Channel 4's sci-fi drama Humans, Jason Bourne spin-off Treadstone and Stan Lee's Lucky Man.

Pallavi Sharda plays Megan

Pallavi Sharda plays Megan in The One on Netflix

Who is Megan? Megan is a charismatic young woman who becomes a part of Hannah's life towards the beginning of the series.

What else has Pallavi Sharda been in? Sharda is an Australian actress who recently appeared in the awards contender Lion, which also starred Dev Patel and Nicole Kidman. She will next be seen in Tom & Jerry: The Movie, which is due for release in the UK later this year.

Zoë Tapper plays Kate

Zoe Tapper stars in The One on Netflix

Who is Kate? Kate is a Detective Inspector at the Metropolitan Police, who looks at her cases through a straightforward and sceptical lens. She is partnered up with Nick.

What else has Zoë Tapper been in? Tapper will be familiar to television fans from her roles in ITV's Liar and Safe House, as well as BBC One's pandemic drama Survivors and Syfy original series Nightflyers, which was based on a set of short stories by George RR Martin.

Gregg Chillin plays Nick

Gregg Chillin in The One on Netflix

Who is Nick? Nick is an irreverent Detective Sergeant for the Metropolitan Police, who is partnered with Kate on a case.

What else has Gregg Chillin been in? Chillin is probably best known for his recurring roles on Da Vinci's Demons and A Discovery of Witches, while he also appeared in the final series of ITV drama Scott and Bailey.

Wilf Scolding plays Ethan

Who is Ethan? Ethan is Rebecca’s partner, who she found by participating in the MatchDNA process. Together, they become the marketable face of the revolutionary new technology.

What else has Wilf Scolding been in? Scolding's previous projects include BBC war drama The Passing Bells, Mrs Wilson and The Archers, where he lent his voice to the role of Chris Carter.


The One is available to stream on Netflix from Friday 12th March. Have a look at the rest of our Drama coverage or check out what's on tonight with our TV Guide.