When Stan Lee was asked what superpower he’d choose to have, his answer was simply ‘luck’. And thus, the seeds of Stan Lee’s Lucky Man were planted.


A few years and two series later, the show, Lucky Man starring The Hobbit's James Nesbitt is now Sky 1's most successful original drama. And now the show is back, with series three about to hit our TV screens.

Here’s everything you need to know about Stan Lee’s Lucky Man.

When is Stan Lee’s Lucky Man on TV?

Stan Lee’s Lucky Man airs on Fridays at 9pm on Sky 1, with series three beginning on Friday 20th July. However, each new episode will be available from 2am on Sky's on demand services and via NOW TV for non-Sky subscribers, so you can watch and stream online whenever you want.

What’s the show about?

Whether or not ‘unlucky’ is the right word to describe London-based detective Harry Clayton (James Nesbitt), it's certain that a few things in his life could’ve gone better.

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Having driven away his wife and daughter through his gambling habit – and accruing thousands of pounds worth of debt – Harry finally gets lucky (pardon the phrase).

After a one night stand with a mysterious woman called Eve, Harry’s life seems to turn around. And all because of a mystical bracelet that turned up on his wrist after his night of passion.

Stan Lee

While his luck changes for the good, things still, predictably, go wrong. The bracelet is inevitably a thing of envy, with an increasing amount of people desperate to get their hand on his lucky charm while the people that he loves are put increasingly at risk. Though the bracelet does give good luck when he uses it, there are always consequences – often for those he seeks to protect.

Series three sees Spooks and Silk star Rupert Penry-Jones join the series as a new villain. Watch out too for the obligatory Stan Lee cameo.


Stan Lee's Lucky Man airs Friday 20th July at 9pm on Sky 1