Meet the cast of The Miniaturist

The secrets of 17th-century Amsterdam are revealed in this two-part drama starring Anya Taylor-Joy, Romola Garai and Alex Hassell

Hayley Squires – Cornelia

The Miniaturist - Hayley Squires as Cornelia

Who does Hayley Squires play? Cornelia is a servant in the Brandt household. She is loyal to Marin and Johannes but kind to Nella.


Where have I seen her before? Hayley Squires played Katie in the Ken Loach film I, Daniel Blake. She’s also appeared in Call the Midwife and recently popped up as the waitress in Timothy Spall’s episode of Philip K Dick’s Electric Dreams.

Paapa Essiedu – Otto

The Miniaturist – Paapa Essiedu as Otto

Who does Paapa Essiedu play? Otto is Johannes’ manservant and a former slave. He works in the Brandt household and is kind to Nella.

Where have I seen him before? You may recognise Paapa Essiedu from Murder on the Orient Express, in which he played a young policeman. He’ll soon star in Kiri, the new series from Harry Potter and the Cursed Child and National Treasure writer Jack Thorne.

Emily Berrington – The Miniaturist 

The Miniaturist Emily Berrington

Who does Emily Berrington play? When Nella decides to furnish her new doll’s house, she calls on The Miniaturist. This shadowy figure sends her little parcels of tiny objects which seem to predict the future.

Where have I seen her before? If Emily Berrington makes you feel a little spooked, perhaps that’s because she reminds you of conscious synth Niska from the TV series Humans. She also starred as Simone Al-Harazi in 24, Stacey in Outnumbered and Jane Shore in The White Queen.

Geoffrey Streatfield – Frans Meermans

The Miniaturist – Geoffrey Streetfield as Frans Meermans

Who does Geoffrey Streatfield play? Frans Meermans is an up-and-coming businessman in Amsterdam. He was once in love with Marin and has entrusted his wife’s fortune to the Brandts, investing in sugar for Johannes to sell.


Where have I seen him before? Remember Fergus Williams from The Thick of It? The ambitious young coalition minister? That’s Geoffrey Streatfield. He’s also been in Prime Suspect 1973, MI-5, and The Lady in the Van.