Tonight sees a momentous moment in the history of BBC One series Shetland - it's the final episode of season 7, meaning that after this instalment, Douglas Henshall's DI Jimmy Perez will be leaving the show for good.


In this final episode, Jimmy Perez and his trusty team will be working to unmask the individual behind the murders of Connor Cairns, his girlfriend Bryd Fleming and William Rodgers. But will Perez get his happy ending, or will he befall a tragic fate?

Henshall's departure from the series was announced back in July, with the BBC also confirming the show will still be returning for another season.

But who of the current cast could potentially fill Jimmy's shoes? Read on for a full rundown of all of the characters in Shetland season 7, as well as where you might have seen the actors before.

Shetland cast: Douglas Henshall and new season 7 characters

Douglas Henshall plays DI Jimmy Perez

Douglas Henshall plays DI Jimmy Perez in Shetland
ITV Studios/Mark Mainz BBC

Who is DI Jimmy Perez? Jimmy moved back to Shetland following the death of his wife Fran and raised his stepdaughter Cassie alone. Ten years later, he is still single (although he has feelings for Meg) and Cassie has grown up and moved away. A kind and empathetic man, he is always looking for the best in people – despite Shetland's surprisingly high murder rate, which has made him increasingly disillusioned.

"He's a kind man who is also a widower struggling to bring up his daughter," says actor Douglas Henshall. "He's lonely. There's a lot that people empathise with".

At the end of season 6, he was arrested for his involvement in the death of Donna Killick, but later found innocent of any wrongdoing. Season 7 is Henshall's final outing as Jimmy.

What else has Douglas Henshall been in? As well as the lead role in Shetland – which he's played since the show began in 2013 – Douglas Henshall is also known as Professor Nick Cutter in Primeval, Sergeant William Muncie in true crime drama In Plain Sight, DCS Hepburn in Black Work, and Taran MacQuarrie in Outlander.

Alison O'Donnell plays DS Alison 'Tosh' McIntosh

Alison O'Donnell plays DS Alison 'Tosh' McIntosh in Shetland
ITV Studios/Mark Mainz

Who is DS Alison 'Tosh' McIntosh? Young, smart and ambitious, Tosh is utterly dedicated to her job and has a close relationship with boss Jimmy. The character was the victim of a rape attack a few years ago and the series has charted her recovery from the trauma of her ordeal.

Tosh was dealt another cruel blow when she very nearly died after being caught up in an explosion.

What else has Alison O'Donnell been in? Shetland is Alison O'Donnell's most sizeable TV role to date. Before playing Tosh, she was better known for her work on stage, treading the boards in Boys, The Hard Man and Lorca's Yerma.

Steven Robertson plays DC Sandy Wilson

Steven Robertson plays DC Sandy Wilson in Shetland
ITV Studios/Mark Mainz

Who is DC Sandy Wilson? Sandy is a dedicated detective with a strong sense of right and wrong but in season 6, his feelings for Kate Kilmuir occasionally clouded his judgement and got him into trouble. His knowledge of the local area and community makes him a key member of the team.

What else has Steven Robertson been in? The Scottish actor, who was actually born in Lerwick on the Shetland Islands, has appeared in period drama Harlots, Doctor Who, Being Human and more. He also starred in a radio adaptation of Shetland, playing DI Jimmy Perez himself.

Mark Bonnar plays Duncan Hunter

Mark Bonnar plays Duncan Hunter in Shetland
ITV Studios/Mark Mainz

Who is Duncan Hunter? The birth father of Jimmy's step-daughter Cassie. There was tension between Duncan and Jimmy in the past as the two co-parented Cassie following the death of her mother Fran, but they have developed a complex friendship.

Duncan was arrested at the end of season 6 after turning himself in for his role in Donna's death. Season 7 also looks to be Bonnar's last outing in the role.

What else has Mark Bonnar been in? His credits include Line of Duty, Porridge, Unforgotten, New Blood, Catastrophe, Guilt and Humans.

Erin Armstrong plays Cassie Perez

Erin Armstrong plays Cassie Perez in Shetland
ITV Studios/Mark Mainz

Who is Cassie Perez? Jimmy's step-daughter and Duncan's biological daughter. After Duncan and her mum Fran divorced, Jimmy married Fran and raised Cassie as his own.

Where have I seen Erin Armstrong before? She appeared in CBBC's World's End.

Lucianne McEvoy plays Meg Pattison

ITV Studios/Mark Mainz

Who is Meg Pattison? An end-of-life nurse and carer who worked for Donna. She's also grown closer to Jimmy after helping take care of his elderly father on several occasions. Will the pair finally make a proper go of it in season 7?

Where have I seen Lucianne McEvoy before? The actor is known for the likes of NY-LON and Unprecedented.

Lewis Howden plays Sergeant Billy McCabe

Lewis Howden plays Sergeant Billy McCabe in Shetland
ITV Studios/Mark Mainz

Who is Sergeant Billy McCabe? A reliable and experienced member of Perez's team.

What else has Lewis Howden been in? Although he is better known for his stage work, Lewis Howden has a collection of TV credits including Hope Springs, Taggart and Monarch of the Glen.

Conor McCarry plays PC Alex Grant

Conor McCarry plays PC Alex Grant in Shetland
ITV Studios/Mark Mainz

Who is PC Alex Grant? A member of the team at Shetland police.

What else has Conor McCarry been in? He starred as Dessie Toner in ITV drama The Loch, and has also made appearances in Outlander (as Young Jamie) and BBC dramas The Night Manager and Rillington Place.

Angus Miller plays Donnie

Angus Miller plays Donnie in Shetland
ITV Studios/Mark Mainz

Who is Donnie? Tosh's partner and the father of her child.

What else has Angus Miller been in? A relative newcomer to our screens, Angus Miller appeared in the TV series Teacup Travels. He is more often seen on stage in Scotland (Let the Right One In, Trainspotting, The Belle's Stratagem).

Julie Graham plays Rhona Kelly

Julie Graham plays Rhona Kelly in Shetland
ITV Studios/Mark Mainz

Who is Rhona Kelly? A Procurator Fiscal. She's worked with Jimmy for a long time and the pair have a good relationship, but she's not afraid to give him some hard truths if needs be.

"Rhona's there to keep Perez in check and bounce work off him. She is his boss after all," said Graham.

Where have I seen Julie Graham before? Graham has an extensive CV which includes ITV's Ridley, which is currently airing, Benidorm, ITV's The Bletchley Circle, The Bill, ITV's Between the Sheets, comedy-drama At Home with the Braithwaites, BBC drama Harry and more.

Anneika Rose plays Maggie Kean

Maggie looking concerned
ITV Studios/Mark Mainz

Who is Maggie Kean? The procurator fiscal who requested that Jimmy be investigated over the death of Donna.

Where have I seen Anneika Rose before? She played PS Farida Jatri in Line of Duty. She has also appeared in Channel 4 drama Deadwater Fell and Ackley Bridge, which also airs on Channel 4.

Anne Kidd plays Cora

Cora with a sad expression on her face

Who is Cora? A forensic pathologist who is extremely dedicated to her work.

Where have I seen Anne Kidd before? She's had minor roles in Outlander, BBC drama Vigil, ITV's Victoria and more.

Season 7 guest stars

Nicholas Nunn plays Connor Cairns

Connor sitting in a field
ITV Studios/Mark Mainz

Who is Connor Cairns? A Shetland resident who goes missing on the night of his graphic novel launch. His body is later uncovered. As the investigation progresses, it emerges that he was part of an eco-terrorism group.

Where have I seen Nicholas Nunn before? He has appeared in The Victim and Clique, which both aired on the BBC.

Lauren Conroy plays Abbie Cairns and Alexandra Finnie plays Clana

Clana practising magic while Abbie watches on
ITV Studios/Mark Mainz BBC

Who is Abbie Cairns? Connor's sister. The pair have a strong sibling bond.

Where have I seen Lauren Conroy before? Shetland appears to be her first TV role.

Who is Clana? A friend of Abbie's who has an interest in the occult.

Where have I seen Alexandra Finnie before? She featured in 2018's Ordeal by Innocence, in which she played a younger version of Morven Christie's character.

Shauna Macdonald plays Rachel Cairns

Rachel looking over her shoulder while walking
ITV Studios/Mark Mainz

Who is Rachel Cairns? Connor and Abbie's mum. She runs a B&B on the island.

Where have I seen Shauna Macdonald before? Her CV includes The Descent, Spooks, BBC drama The Cry and more.

Andrew Whipp plays Danny Cairns

Tosh speaking to Connor's parents
ITV Studios/Mark Mainz

Who is Danny Cairns? Rachel's husband and Connor and Abbie's dad. He's a former police officer who was convicted on corruption charges and served two years behind bars.

Where have I seen Andrew Whipp before? His credits include Netflix’s Cursed, Starz series The White Princess and Emmerdale.

Sorcha Groundsell plays Bryd Fleming

Bryd wearing a wetsuit down by the boats
ITV Studios/Mark Mainz

Who is Bryd Fleming? Connor's girlfriend. Her body is discovered at the end of episode 2.

Where have I seen Sorcha Groundsell before? You might recognise her from Irvine Welsh's Crime, Netflix's The Innocents and and BBC drama Clique.

Laurie Brett plays Alison Woods

Alison standing near a police cordon
ITV Studios/Mark Mainz

Who is Alison? A Shetland resident and teacher. She's in a relationship with Lloyd Anderson.

Where have I seen Laurie Brett before? She played Jane Beale in EastEnders and Christine Mulgrew in Waterloo Road.

Patrick Robinson plays Lloyd Anderson / Walter Edwards

Lloyd about to climb into his car
ITV Studios/Mark Mainz

Who is Lloyd Anderson / Walter Edwards? An American artist who taught Connor how to draw. His real name is Walter Edwards. He fled the US after he was accused of killing a police officer.

Where have I seen Patrick Robinson before? His credits include Netflix's The Last Kingdom, BBC film Sitting in Limbo, ITV's The Trouble with Maggie Cole, Casualty and The Bill.

Ladi Emeruwa plays Martin Otina / DI Calvin Walker

Martin walking to Byrd
ITV Studios/Mark Mainz ITV Studios/Mark Mainz

Who is Martin Otina / DI Calvin Walker? Walker is an undercover detective working in counter-terrorism. He posed as a wildlife photographer and was staying at the Cairns' guest house.

Where have I seen Lami Emeruwa before? His CV includes Channel 4 drama Chimerica and US drama Berlin Station.

Stuart McQuarrie plays Murray Rankin

Murray walking with Sandy
ITV Studios/Mark Mainz

Who is Murray? He works at the local library and has a soft spot for Connor.

Where have I seen Stuart McQuarrie before? He recently appeared in Apple sci-fi show Foundation. He's had minor roles in The Crown, Casualty, Silent Witness and more.

Gordon Brown plays Cameron Waldron and Dawn Sievewright plays Nicole Waldron

Nicole and Cameron talking to one another
ITV Studios/Mark Mainz

Who are Cameron and Nicole Waldron? Father and daughter who initially blamed Danny for the death of a family member.

Where have I seen Gordon Brown before? His most recent notable role was in Deadwater Fell.

Where have I seen Dawn Sievewright before? She has appeared in a handful of short films.

Pauline Turner plays Sheena Davidson

Sheena Davidson in Shetland
ITV Studios/Mark Mainz

Who is Sheena Davidson? Sheena and her husband Granton, played by Billy Mack, run Davidson Disposal, a waste management company. Connor used to be one of their employees, but left on bad terms.

Where have I seen Pauline Turner before? Her credits include the role of Tommy Shelby's housekeeper Frances in Peaky Blinders and Mrs Crombie in Outlander.

Where have I seen Billy Mack before? He's had minor roles in The Crown and Taggart.

Grant O'Rourke plays Jamie Narey

Jamie Narey Shetland
ITV Studios/Mark Mainz

Who is Jamie Narey? He works in publishing and was instrumental in getting Connor's graphic novel published.

Where have I seen Grant O'Rourke before? He played Rupert MacKenzie in Outlander.

John Arnold plays Williams Rodgers

Who is William Rodgers? His body was found in a suitcase submerged in water.

Where have I seen John Arnold before? He played Richard Downing in Neighbours back in 1998. He's also appeared in Australian dramas Blue Heelers and MDA.

Anthony Strachan plays Ally Flett

Who is Ally Flett? A fisherman who works with his brother Gregg, played by Keith Fleming. He's part of the eco-terror group.

Where have I seen Anthony Strachan before? His CV includes Scottish dramas High Times and Monarch of the Glen.

Jade Ogugua plays Carole Anne Mané

Who is Carole Anne Mané? She used to be romantically involved with Donnie and is causing some friction between him and Tosh. Carole is also part of the eco-terror group.

Where have I seen Jade Ogugua before? Her most notable role was in BBC comedy-drama Flatmates.

Brian Ferguson plays DI Fraser Brooks

Who is DI Fraser Brooks? He's from the specialist forensics team and was brought in to look at the scene of the explosion.

Where have I seen Brian Ferguson before? He recently appeared in ITV drama The Ipcress File.

Simone Lahbib plays Jill Stevens

Who is Jill Stevens? She was Danny's partner on the force and was the one who killed Nicole Waldron's cousin to protect her ex-colleague.

Where have I seen Simone Lahbib before? She recently played Katy Lewis in EastEnders. She's also appeared in ITV dramas A Confession, The Loch, Wire in the Blood and Bad Girls.

Karen Westwood plays Aileen Fleming

Who is Aileen Fleming? Bryd's mum. She shares some interesting information about Connor with Jimmy.

Where have I seen Karen Westwood before? She recently appeared in Magpie Murders on BritBox.

Laura Cairns plays DCI Melanie Reid

Who is DCI Melanie Reid? Danny's former superior in the police. She was the one who supplied the information that led to his arrest.

Where have I seen Laura Cairns? She's had minor roles in Doctors, The Crown, Channel 4's The End of F***ing World, and BBC drama Trust Me.

Jessica Hardwick plays Lynn Henderson

Who is Lynn Henderson? Connor's ex-girlfriend. He visited her a few weeks before he went missing.

Where have I see Jessica Hardwick before? She starred in BBC series Float.

Cameron Jack plays Matty Walker

Who is Matty Walker? A drug dealer based in Ayr.

Where have I seen Cameron Jack before? He has appeared in Emmerdale. Jack has also had small roles in Grantchester, Casualty and Unforgotten.

Julie Hannan plays Jean Morrow

Who is Jean Morrow? Sandy pays her a visit to enquire about some fertiliser as part of the investigation.

Where have I see Julie Hannan before? She appeared in Elizabeth Is Missing with Glenda Jackson.

Eubha Akilade plays PC Burns

Who is PC Burns? A police officer.

Where have I seen Eubha Akilade before? She has appeared in teen sci-fi series Find Me in Paris and CBBC series Eve.

Ryan J Mackay plays Stevie

Who is Stevie? The man who discovers Bryd's body.

Where have I seen Ryan J Mackay before? He has appeared in the cast of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.

Shetland season 7 is available to watch on BBC One and BBC iPlayer. Ann Cleeves's Shetland novels are available to buy now. Check out more of our Drama coverage or visit our TV Guide to see what's on tonight.


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