Radio Times Drama Champion 2018 Final

Poldark and Versailles face off in the battle for the crown - but who'll get your vote?

Radio Times Drama Champion 2018

After a long week of voting we’re down to the final two. Poldark and Versailles are the last contenders standing in Radio Times Drama Champion 2018.


The Cornish Captain and the French King and his court will now go head to head for the Drama Champion title.

It’s been no mean feat to reach the final battle. We began the week with 64 contenders, who fans valiantly fought to save from elimination. And now it’s time for one FINAL push.


The Drama Champion final vote will remain open until 10pm on Saturday July 28th, giving fans more than 24 hours to spread the word and rally the troops. You can vote as many times as you like for your favourite show, but do remember to take a break from the screen too – it is summer after all!

Drama Champion Final voting closes on Saturday 28th July at 10pm UK time