Ryan Murphy's colourful and poignant account of the LGBTQ community and ballroom culture in New York is returning for a second season, featuring the largest-ever transgender cast in scripted TV history.


Billy Porter, Indya Moore, Dominique Jackson and MJ Rodriguez are all reprising their roles, as the House of Evangelista embraces a new decade against the backdrop of the worsening AIDS crisis.

Read on for everything you need to know about Pose season two...

When is Pose season two on TV?

Season two will premiere October 26th 2019 at 10.20pm on BBC2.

What's going to happen in Pose season two?

The series follows “Houses” — alternate families, mostly made up of Black and Latino gay and transgender youths, who are looked after by the house “mother” — that compete in the underground ball scene, with families going up against one another for prizes and recognition.

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Season two sees a jump forward in time from the first season. It's New York City, 1990, and Madonna's 'Vogue' has just hit number one on the charts — meaning ballroom culture and voguing (a kind of stylised dancing) have gone mainstream, leaving the House of Evangelista pondering its place within society, and whether or not their community will benefit from the pop culture moment.

"Ballroom is not a trend. It's about family," house mother Blanca declares.

From the trailer, it looks like various members of the house are exploring new means of making a living. After Blanca catches her working as a sex worker again, Angel enters a modelling competition, capitalising on her now-fashionable voguing experience — but soon encounters an exploitative, transphobic photographer.

It also seems that Elektra, former house mother of the House of Abundance before her 'children' betrayed her, has turned to working as a professional dominatrix.

Meanwhile, the worsening AIDS crisis has led to an increase in activism amongst the LGBTQ community. A die-in protest takes place at a church during episode one, with Billy Porter's Pray Tell later berating Elektra for not attending.

Is there a trailer for Pose season two?

There is indeed, you can check it out below...

Who is in the cast for Pose season two?

Transgender actress and singer MJ Rodriguez plays Blanca, the HIV+ house mother of the House of Evangelista.

Model and actress Indya Moore, who you've probably spotted in various campaigns for high fashion brands, including Dior and Gucci, plays sex worker Angel, while Billy Porter (The Get Down, American Horror Story) plays Pray Tell, a sharp-tongued judge in New York's ballroom scene.


Also reprising their roles are media personality Dominique Jackson as Elektra, newcomer Ryan Jamaal Swain as Damon, a gay dancer, and Sandra Bernhard (Roseanne) as Judy, a lesbian nurse and activist.