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Michaela Coel says there "definitely" won't be a second season of I May Destroy You

The BAFTA Leading Actress winner has absolutely ruled out a follow-up to her hit series.

Published: Sunday, 6th June 2021 at 8:48 pm

I May Destroy You emerged victorious at tonight's Virgin Media BAFTA TV Awards 2021, scoring wins in the Mini-Series and Leading Actress categories.


But in a press conference following her double win, series creator and star Michaela Coel definitively ruled out a follow-up to the hugely acclaimed 12-part drama.

"Definitely, there won't be a second season of I May Destroy You," she said. "I think I May Destroy You, it's been so huge it's destroyed itself! But we continue making work, and we do other things."

Airing on BBC One in the summer of 2020, I May Destroy You explored themes of consent, sexual assault, and victim blaming, with Coel previously stating that the series was "definitely not entirely fictional" and drew on her own past experiences.

Speaking following her BAFTA wins, she said that the process of producing the series was "incredible" and helped her "to get past some troubling stuff."

"What it enabled me to do is to pair something quite tragic with something quite beautiful and that was being able to create opportunities and see everybody's talents come together to create it. It replaced bad memories with really nice ones."

I May Destroy You (BBC)

Coel, who also co-directed the series with Sam Miller, added that she "wasn't expecting" the rapturous reception that I May Destroy You received when it launched last year.

"I wasn’t expecting so many people to identify with the show, with the characters," she admitted. "I wasn’t expecting people to feel like I had represented them and that they saw the show as a mirror unto themselves – and there isn’t really a word for that feeling."

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I May Destroy You is available now on BBC iPlayer. The Virgin Media BAFTA TV Awards aired tonight on BBC One. Visit our Drama hub for more news or find something to watch with our TV Guide.


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