Meet the cast of ITV’s Next of Kin

This new thriller tells the story of a British Pakistani family who feel the shockwaves of a bombing in London and a murder on the other side of the world

Elie Haddad – Hamoud

Next of Kin - Elie Haddad as Hamoud

Who does he play? We don’t know much about Hamoud yet, but he’s somehow connected with Danny and the events in Lahore.

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Where have I seen him before? Elie Haddad made a brief appearance in Game of Thrones as Khal Brozho. He’s also played Pavel in Fearless and Jean-Paul Corday in Hard Sun.

Sope Dirisu – DS Stanley Hart

Next of Kin - Sope Dirisu

Who does he play? One of the coppers back in the UK who is investigating Danny’s disappearance to Pakistan.

Where have I seen him before? Sope Dirisu played jazz musician Sonny Sullivan in The Halcyon, ITV’s drama about a London hotel in the Blitz. He’s also been in Black Mirror, Undercover, and Humans.

Nasser Memarzia – Mr Khalid

Next of Kin - Nasser Memarzia as Mr Khalid

Who does he play? Mr Khalid is doing a deal with Guy Harcourt and the British government, which – from the looks of things – will see him invest in nuclear energy.

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Where have I seen him before? He’s Omar Barghati in the Tom Hiddleston drama The Night Manager. Nasser Memarzia has also appeared in Knightfall, The Honourable Woman, and The Bill. He was due to star in the ITV drama Hatton Garden before it was pulled from the schedules at the last minute.