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Why isn't McDonald & Dodds on TV tonight? When is the next episode on TV?

We'd planned chips and butter for dinner...

mcdonald and Dodds
Published: Sunday, 14th March 2021 at 5:00 pm

Just as McDonald & Dodds was becoming a staple part of our Sunday nights, the ITV crime drama seems to have disappeared from the schedules.


Stars Tala Gouveia and Jason Watkins are nowhere to be seen this weekend. Instead we have brand new feature-length crime drama Grace to look forward to at 9pm on Sunday, with John Simm in the lead role.

So what's happened to the Bath-based detective duo and when can we see the final episode in this second series? Read on to find out.

Why isn't McDonald & Dodds on TV tonight?

McDonald & Dodds has been airing on ITV at 8pm for the past two Sunday nights, but the third and final episode of this second series will not air tonight. The reason for the wait is not entirely clear but it's possible that COVID-related delays could be partly to blame.

The decision to air the third episode separately was confirmed weeks ago, before the first episode aired. Each episode is self-contained so at least we're not left on a cliffhanger, although we are looking forward to spending more time with both McDonald and Dodds.

Episode three will feature another impressive array of guest stars including Saira Choudhry, Sarah Parish and Nitin Ganatra, and will focus on a plastic surgery clinic welcoming a social media influencer through its doors.

When is McDonald & Dodds episode 3 on TV?

While there is no confirmed air date at the moment, understands the third instalment of McDonald & Dodds should air later this year.

We'll keep you posted as soon as we hear more.


McDonald & Dodds will return to ITV later in the year. To find out what's on telly tonight, check out our TV Guide.


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