The new drama Maid arrived on Netflix at the start of the month and it has proven to be yet another hit for the streamer. The limited series dramatises the real-life story of Stephanie Land, the author of Maid: Hard Work, Low Pay and a Mother's Will to Survive and all 10 episodes are available to watch now.


Margot Robbie is one of the producers on the show that follows Alex, a young mother who takes a job as a cleaner to look after her two-year-old daughter after fleeing her abusive boyfriend. But who plays Alex in Maid on Netflix?

Read on for everything you need to know about the cast of Netflix's Maid – here's who is who, from the main characters to its guest stars.

Margaret Qualley plays Alex

Who is Alex? A 23-year-old mother of a two-year-old Maddy, Alex has been living in an abusive relationship with her boyfriend Sean.

No longer willing to tolerate his drinking and violent behaviour, Alex takes Maddy and leaves Sean in the night. But with no money and no-one to turn to, Alex and Maddy soon find themselves without anywhere to live as Alex takes a job as a maid to try to build a new life for her and her daughter.

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Complicated by her mother's mental health issues, and a fractured relationship with her long-estranged father, Alex finds herself trying to navigate the complex social security system, poor living conditions, poverty and the looming sceptre of Sean and his family as she begins to build a new life.

Where have I seen Margaret Qualley before? Margaret Qualley is known to many for her role as Jill Garvey in The Leftovers, the supernatural drama created by Damon Lindelof that starred the likes of Justin Theroux and Liv Tyler. It ran between 2014 and 2017.

She has appeared in a number of films including The Nice Guys and Deathnote, but most recently found fame on the big screen for her performance as "Pussycat" in Quentin Tarantino's Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, alongside Maid executive producer Margot Robbie.

Margaret Qualley is the daughter of fellow actor Andie MacDowell who plays her character Alex's on-screen mother Paula in Maid. Her father is Paul Qualley, a former model and MacDowell's ex-husband.


Andie MacDowell as Paula

Who is Paula? Paula is Alex's mother, a talented artist living with an undiagnosed bipolar disorder. Her erratic behaviour has been a backdrop to Alex's life and this proves to be another complication in Alex's life when she finds herself homeless after leaving Sean.

Where have I seen Andie MacDowell before? A Hollywood star of many decades pedigree, Andie MacDowell has a hugely impressive filmography that includes to name a few; Sex Lies and Videotape, Green Card, Four Weddings and a Funeral, Groundhog Day, The Muse, Footloose and Town & Country.

She not only plays the mother of Alex in Maid, she is also the real-life mother of Margaret Qualley who plays Alex.

Nick Robinson as Sean

Who is Sean? Sean is Alex's ex-boyfriend who she leaves at the beginning of the first episode in the series. He is the father of Maddy, Alex's two-year-old girl.

Sean works in a local bar and has a history of heavy drinking and alcohol abuse which lead him to violent outbursts in the home.

He takes court-action against Alex when she leaves with Maddy to attempt to take custody of their child.

Where have I seen Nick Robinson before? Robinson has been acting since a young age, and has appeared in a number of US TV shows, including the sitcom Melissa and Joey from 2010-2015.

He took a supporting role in the 2015 dino-blockbuster Jurassic World and has since starred in The Kings of Summer, Love, Simon and A Teacher.

Anika Noni Rose as Regina

Who is Regina? Regina is a wealthy and high-powered lawyer who lives in a huge house on Fisher Island, a ferry ride away from where Alex lives. She is the first cleaning client that Alex is sent to, and she is initially very cold and unwelcoming to Alex. However, all is not as it seems in her "perfect" life and after time, Alex sees a vulnerable side to Regina. Over time the two begin to bond and realise that they perhaps have more in common than they first thought.

Where have I seen Anika Noni Rose before? A celebrated singer, actor and voiceover artist, Anika is best-know to many for voicing Tiana in the Disney film The Princess and the Frog, Disney's first African-American film protagonist.

A Disney Legend and Tony Award-winner amongst many other accolades, Anika has an extensive filmography and stage production history including roles in movie Dreamgirls, TV show Power and Broadway success Caroline, or Change amongst many others.

Tracy Vilar as Yolanda

Who is Yolanda? Yolanda is the boss at Value Maids, the cleaning firm that Alex turns to for work when she needs to earn money fast after leaving Sean. Yolanda is a no-nonsense character who has little time or sympathy for Alex's situation, and just wants to get the jobs done and keep the money flowing into the business.

Where have I seen Tracy Vilar before? Vilar is best-known to most TV fans for her performances in US sitcoms Partners and The Steve Harvey Show as well as her role as Angela de la Cruz on Saved.

Billy Burke as Hank

Who is Hank? Hank is Ale's estranged father who she has had a fractious relationship with he entire life.

He is a recovering alcoholic and a born again Christian with a new wife and family, and has had little to do with Alex or her mother Paula for many years.

He attempts to rebuild a relationship with Alex when she falls on hard times in her attempt to escape the abusive relationship with Maddy.

Where have I seen Billy Burke before? Burke is perhaps best known to most movie fans as Charlie Swan in Twilight and the follow-up films.

He has appeared in a number of TV shows including Revolution and Zoo, as well as more recently appearing in films Lights Out and Breaking In.

Raymond Ablack as Nate

Who is Nate? Nate is an old friend of Alex's who is successful engineer. He has recently divorced and become a single parent himself. He is keen to try to help Alex and Maddy as he recognises their struggle, and he offers both emotional and financial support to Alex during the series. It's clear that he also has a crush on Alex, but the feelings aren't initially reciprocated.

Where have I seen Raymond Ablack before? Canadian Ablack has been acting since a young age and made his breakthrough screen performance in Degrassi: The Next Generation between 2007 and 2011.

He has since then appeared in a number of TV series including Orphan Black, Narcos, Shadowhunters, Burden of Truth and Ginny & Georgia.

BJ Harrison as Denise

Who is Denise? Denise runs the domestic violence centre where Alex turns when she has nowhere to live after leaving Sean. She helps Alex get back onto her feet in the initial phase of being alone with Maddy, and helps her to navigate the the complex social security and legal systems that surround her situation.

Where have I seen Bj Harrison before? BJ Harrison has appeared in a large number of TV series and films over the last few decades.

In recent years she has appeared as Mrs Bass in A Series of Unfortunate Events and Mrs Curtis in The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina on Netflix.

Mozhan Marnò as Tara


Who is Tara? Tara is the lawyer Alex hires to help with her custody battle.

Where have I seen Mozhan Marnò before? Iranian-American actress Mozhan Marnò is best known for playing Ayla Sayyad in House of Cards and Samar Navabi in The Blacklist. She has also appeared in Madam Secretary, The Affair, The Mentalist and upcoming miniseries Pam & Tommy.

Aimee Carrero as Danielle


Who is Danielle? Danielle is a woman that Alex meets whilst staying in the domestic violence shelter.

Where have I seen Aimee Carrero before? Aimee Carrero is best known for voicing She-Ra in She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, as well as the titular role in Elena of Avalor. She has also appeared in Young & Hungry, Holidate, The Village and Blindspot.

Théodore Pellerin as Wayne


Who is Wayne? Wayne is a man Alex starts messaging on Tinder.

Where have I seen Théodore Pellerin before? Canadian actor Théodore Pellerin has appeared in The OA, On Becoming a God in Central Florida, My Salinger Year, Boy Erased and There's Someone Inside Your House.


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