Anna Maxwell Martin has only been in Line of Duty for 15 minutes – but she's already learned the art of misdirection when it comes to working out what is going to happen next in the hit BBC cop drama.


Speaking on BBC Radio 2, the actor dropped some very intriguing comments about who mysterious corrupt copper 'H' could be.

Maxwell Martin, who was introduced as DCS Patricia Carmichael in the penultimate episode of the series, teased that AC-12 boss Ted Hastings (Adrian Dunbar) could indeed be the big bad everyone's looking for.

“He very well could be,” she replied when breakfast show presenter Zoe Ball asked whether Hastings was 'H', adding jokingly, “I think he’ll come to a sticky end.”

However, if Hastings isn't 'H', then Maxwell Martin is more than happy to admit that her character Patricia Carmichael might not be all she seems.

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“It could be me!” Martin added when asked about alternative suspects. “Pat ‘Harmichael’ – I could be ‘Hat Harmichael’!”

Martin also revealed that although her character maintained a stern face on screen, she found it difficult to stop laughing when tackling the mass of police jargon that’s become a staple of the show.

“It is quite hard,” she explained. “I sort of became hysterical throughout the whole process, giggling hysterically," she said. "Because I was internally freaking out the whole time. It’s quite full-on all that whole stuff. But that’s the good thing of being part of the show, it’s a proper challenge.”

Of course, Line of Duty isn’t the only headline TV project Martin will be swopping into this year. The actor is set to guest star as Beelzebub in Amazon Prime Video's Good Omens, the fantasy drama TV series created by Neil Gaiman.

However, you might have a tough time recognising her. “I was dressed up and looked absolutely appalling!” she explained. “I’m playing the Head of Hell so I don’t look great. I have prosthetics all over my face and I look pretty awful.”


Line of Duty is on 9pm Sunday, BBC1