Dermot Mulroney on playing an “approachable” villain in Amazon’s Hanna season two

The Wedding Date actor on how his charming 'romcom' persona is exploited in Hanna season two.

Hanna series 2 (Amazon)

For romcom fans, Dermot Mulroney will be a familiar face, having starred as the leading man in films like My Best Friend’s Wedding (opposite Julia Roberts) and The Wedding Date.


But the actor’s charming on-screen persona is, according to Mulroney at least, what makes him perfect for the role as an “approachable” villain in Amazon’s upcoming Hanna season two.

In season two, Mulroney plays Carmichael, the man in charge of the new Utrax programme training teenage girls to become assassins, which Hanna and her father discover at the end of season one. He’s also an old colleague of Marissa.

Speaking to, he said that his character is “a very warm, approachable kind of spymaster. [There are] some jokes”.

Asked whether the viewer is ever in doubt about his character’s villainy, he said: “You know pretty soon [that I play the bad guy], and David Farr [the series creator] knows what we’re all learning, you can’t really pull anything over, to pretend like I’m not the bad guy for very long is a narrative mistake. But how bad [my character is] – he takes his time to unspool. There’s even some we haven’t talked about. So it’s really gratifying in that way.”

On his public persona, he added: “You can bet they’ve put me in this part because of some of that other work I’ve done, so that they can use it to the best advantage of the story. Carmichael sneaks up on you…”


Hanna season two launches on Amazon Prime Video on Friday 3rd July 2020. If you’re looking for more to watch, check out our TV Guide.