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Everyone’s favourite serial killer with a conscience is back in Dexter: New Blood, picking up a decade after the (infamous) ending of season eight. Michael C Hall reprises his role as the ex-blood spatter analyst in the fictional town of Iron Lake, New York - where the town has no idea about his past in Miami.

He’s now going by Jim Lindsay, and he’s a helpful store clerk who doesn’t cause any trouble. Dex has even managed to keep his killer instincts at bay all this time. In fact, most people in the town seem friendly, but some of them are predictably hiding some violent secrets. It wouldn’t be Dexter if he didn’t run into another killer! There’s the occasional familiar face, like Jennifer Carpenter’s Debra Morgan, but most of the characters are new additions to the series.

Read on for everything you need to know, including who they’re playing and where you might have seen them before.

Michael C Hall plays Dexter Morgan

Dexter (Michael C Hall)

Who is Dexter Morgan?
Dexter Morgan is a serial killer who channels his own bloodlust into a force for good as he hunts other murderers and rapists who have gotten away with their crimes. He worked as a blood spatter analyst for the Miami Metro Police Department, and had a relatively normal life (aside from murder) with a happy family of his own. However his night-time hunts impacted his family, even causing the death of his wife, Rita (Julie Benz).

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Dexter eventually left Miami at the end of season eight after his sister Debra (Jennifer Carpenter) died following a gunshot wound. He faked his death by driving his boat into a hurricane, and moved to Oregon under a new name. Dexter: New Blood finds the titular killer living as Jim Lindsay, and he’s managed to repress his murderous instincts.

What else has Michael C Hall been in?

Dexter is possibly Michael C Hall’s most famous role to date, but he’s also been involved with plenty of other incredible projects over the years. He rose to fame in Six Feet Under, playing funeral director David Fisher – critics praised the star’s performance in the HBO series, as David struggled to accept his homosexuality.

Hall also recently starred in Harlan Coben’s Safe on Netflix, where he plays a desperate father searching for his missing daughter after she disappears from their gated community. He also had a small role in 2018’s brilliant Game Night, as a vicious gangster called The Bulgarian.

Jennifer Carpenter plays Debra Morgan

Jennifer Carpenter in Dexter: New Blood
Kurt Iswarienko/Showtime

Who is Debra Morgan?

Debra Morgan is Dexter’s adopted sister who he grew up with, although Deb was jealous of their relationship because their father Harry (James Remar) spent plenty of time with Dexter, teaching him to control his impulses. After Harry’s death, she joined the Miami PD as a way of honouring his memory. In season one, the foul-mouthed rookie fell for Rudy Cooper - who unbeknownst to her was the Ice Truck Killer and also Dexter’s long-lost brother.

She survived the ordeal and eventually worked her way up to becoming a Lieutenant in season six, even discovering the truth about Dexter’s alter-ego. She covers for him up until season eight, when she’s shot by serial killer Oliver Saxon and ultimately dies following a blood clot and stroke, with Dexter switching off her life-support. She returns in Dexter: New Blood as a vengeful vision who acts as Dex’s subconscious.

What else has Jennifer Carpenter been in?

Although she’s well known for her role as Debra Morgan, Jennifer Carpenter also shocked audiences back in 2005 as she played the titular role in Scott Derrickson’s The Exorcism of Emily Rose. The chilling legal drama/horror is a haunting watch, with Carpenter’s scenes being some of the scariest in the film.

She also starred in the western remake of the Spanish found-footage horror REC, titled Quarantine. Carpenter plays Angela Vidal, a reporter who follows a crew of firefighters when they respond to a building filled with people infected with a brutal virus.

Jack Alcott plays Harrison Morgan

Jack Alcott in Dexter New Blood
Seacia Pavao/Showtime

Who is Harrison Morgan?

Harrison Morgan is Dexter’s young son he had with Rita Bennett in season four, and obviously a newborn baby puts a dent in the serial killer’s usual night-time activities. It’s difficult to clean up the streets of Miami when a baby needs feeding at 3am. Harrison ultimately goes through a similar ordeal to Dexter at the end of season four when the Trinity Killer (John Lithgow) murders Rita in the bath.

Dexter found baby Harrison sitting in a pool of blood in a similar way to how he was found as a baby by Harry Morgan. In later seasons, Harrison didn’t seem to share Dexter’s darkness as a child but his dad tasks Hannah McKay (Yvonne Strahovski) to take the young boy to Buenos Aires at the end of season eight so he has a completely fresh start. Who knows how his experiences in the time before New Blood have shaped him?

What else has Jack Alcott been in?

Jack Alcott is a relative newcomer compared to the rest of the stars in Dexter: New Blood, although he starred in The Blacklist as a young version of Ressler (Diego Klattenhoff) in season seven, episode 17 - titled Brothers. It explores Ressler’s trauma as a teenager and explains more about who the agent is. Alcott also starred in all seven episodes of The Good Lord Bird alongside the likes of Ethan Hawke and Daveed Diggs. He played one of John Brown’s soldiers who raided the Virginia Federal Armoury in 1859.

Julia Jones plays Angela Bishop

Dexter: New Blood - Julia Jones
Seacia Pavao/Showtime

Who is Angela Bishop?

Angela Bishop is one of the new characters added into the Dexter story, and she’s the Police Chief of Iron Lake. Unsurprisingly, she’s also Dexter’s girlfriend - although she’s blissfully unaware about his past, and only knows him as Jim Lindsay. They’ve only been dating for a little while when New Blood picks up, but Dexter has been living in the small town for a few years.

Angela is running her own investigation into a handful of missing women who’ve disappeared around Iron Lake over the years, including her friend Iris. Some of the victims are also Native American girls from the nearby Seneca reservation.

What else has Julia Jones been in?

Fans of ER will recognise Julia Jones for playing Dr Kaya Montoya in season 14, and she later appeared in The Twilight Saga as Leah Clearwater - one of the shapeshifters of the Quileute tribe. Jones briefly shows up in Westworld as Kohana, one of the Native American hosts living in the park who is in love with Akechta (Zahn McClarnon), the leader of Ghost Nation.

Clancy Brown plays Kurt Caldwell

Clancy Brown in Dexter: New Blood

Who is Kurt Caldwell?

Kurt Caldwell is one of the wealthier members of the Iron Lake community, and he runs a truck stop on the edge of town. He’s (relatively) well liked among the town as he helps out anyone in need - although he’s not above reminding everyone how much he contributes to Iron Lake. He has a son called Mike Caldwell, who refuses to grow up and regularly holds wild parties for his friends. However, Mike’s recklessness often means that Kurt has to step in to clean up his son’s mess.

What else has Clancy Brown been in?

The real question is what hasn’t Clancy Brown been in? He’s probably best known for playing the steely Captain Hadley in The Shawshank Redemption as well as Sergeant Zim in the satirical science fiction adventure Starship Troopers. Since then he’s added his voice to some incredible roles in animation, playing Lex Luthor in Superman: The Animated Series, Justice League and Justice League Unlimited.

He also appeared in Thor: Ragnarok as the Fire Lord, Surtur, and in 2021 he voiced the demon detective Damien Darkblood in the Invincible TV series. But his most important role? Mr Krabs in SpongeBob SquarePants. After Dexter: New Blood, Clancy Brown is joining Keanu Reeves for John Wick 4.

Johnny Sequoyah plays Audrey Bishop

Johnny Sequoyah as Audrey in Dexter: New Blood
Seacia Pavao/Showtime

Who is Audrey Bishop?

Audrey Bishop is Angela Bishop’s daughter, and she’s a feisty, opinionated young woman. She’s concerned about the issues plaguing Iron Lake, much like her mother. She even protests the arrival of a wealthy CEO who has property near to the town - and she also campaigns for awareness for the missing women around the area. She’s friends with some of the wrestling team at her high school, although she’s seemingly unaware that they bully their classmates.

What else has Johnny Sequoyah been in?

Johnny Sequoyah previously starred in Believe as Otto Adams - a young girl who has supernatural abilities that she can’t control. She’s chased by a nefarious agency called Project Orchestra – who experiment on people with special powers. Unfortunately the series didn’t whip up a lot of love from audiences, and Warner Bros TV cancelled Believe a few months after it first started airing.

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