When will Westworld season 4 air on Sky Atlantic and NOW TV?

Everything we know so far about the fourth season of the hit sci-fi show, including plot, cast and when it might air.

Westworld season 3

Westworld’s third season was arguably the most action-packed yet – and fans of the sci-fi series are already desperate for more, especially given the vast number of questions the third run threw up.


The series traditionally has a fairly long gap between seasons, and with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic that’s more likely to be the case than ever, but in the meantime there’s still plenty for fans to look forward to and discuss.

Read on for everything we know about the fourth season so far.

Has Westworld been renewed for a season 4?

Yes – which is hardly a surprise given that it’s one of HBO’s biggest ongoing shows!

The series was officially recommissioned by HBO for a fourth run in April 2020, with Sky also confirming that it would continue to broadcast the show in the UK.

At the time of renewal, HBO’s president of programming Casey Bloys said, “From the Western theme park to the technocratic metropolis of the near future, we’ve thoroughly enjoyed every twist and turn from the minds of master storytellers Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy. We can’t wait to see where their inspired vision takes us next.”

When will Westworld season 4 air on Sky Atlantic and NOW TV?

Well that’s the million dollar question – no timeline has been given and bearing in mind the continued disruption to film and TV caused by the coronavirus pandemic it’s likely we won’t be treated to new episodes any time soon.

Even without the pandemic, there is normally a two-year gap between new seasons of the show, so if all goes to plan it seems the earlier we can expect the new series is some time towards the beginning of 2022.

As always we’ll keep you updated with new developments when we get wind of more concrete updates.

What will happen in Westworld season 4?

The third season ended with a bang – with the Man in Black (Ed Harris) being killed and replaced by a host controlled by Halores – so the potential for season four is already great.

Earlier this year, showrunner Jonathan Nolan said that he couldn’t wait to see the new developments, claiming, “I’m a big believer in being guided by irony. [The Man in Black] winds up becoming this thing [a host] that he’s controlled for so long. And on a visceral level, I just can’t wait to watch Ed kill everyone.”

Meanwhile Harris himself added, “I have no idea what they have planned for me. I’m teamed with Tessa, I know. Hopefully, we can do some rightful damage.”

You live only as long as the last person who remembers.

Nolan has also teased that the next run will have a slightly different feel to the three that have come before, telling The Hollywood Reporter, “We felt we had an open invitation to play around, especially in this moment where TV is reinventing itself constantly, to have a show that reinvents itself season after season.

“So the idea that next season will feel different and distinct in genre from the previous seasons? Yes, that’s absolutely part of the structure of the show.”

Beyond that, it’s anyone’s guess as to what might happen – for example will Dolores make a return in a new form after her death in season three? And is Charlotte building an army? For now, we’ll just have to wait and see!

Westworld season 4 cast

There’s been no official announcement just yet, but we can safely assume that most of the big names will return – including Harris, Thandie Newton, Tessa Thompson, Evan Rachel Wood and Jeffrey Wright.

We’d also expect to see the likes of Aaron Paul back for more, while it is likely that there will be some other names joining the cast – we’ll let you know when we hear anything concrete.

Westworld season 4 trailer

Of course, with production not yet underway, we’re some way off seeing a trailer for the next run at the moment. But to give you an approximate timeframe on when we might expect to see one, a teaser for the third season (see below) was presented at San Diego Comic-Con on 20th July 2019,  some eight months prior to the season premiere.

A full season trailer followed on 20th February, 2020 – almost exactly one month ahead of launch.


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