With Trixie and Matthew's relationship in limbo following the Call the Midwife season 13 finale – despite tying the knot just eight months ago – the next season of the drama can't arrive quickly enough.


As is tradition, season 14 should arrive on our screens in January 2025 following the annual Christmas episode – and in exciting news, the cast will be heading back into production very soon.

"We begin filming at the end of April," Georgie Glen (Miss Higgins) told RadioTimes.com.

The actor went on to say that she was "so looking forward to going back, not least because it's an actor with a job on the horizon, but also because it's such wonderful company".

Glen added: "To know we're all going to reunite again, it's lovely. And there were a few cliffhangers at the end of the episode, various other storylines, and who knows where they're going to go."

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EMBARGOED 30TH JANUARY: Trixie and Matthew embracing on Call the Midwife. Trixie wears a pale yellow dress and coat. Matthew is wearing a suit.
Olly Rix as Matthew and Helen George as Trixie. BBC

One such storyline is the aforementioned saga surrounding Trixie and Matthew.

While Glen "wasn't expecting" the unravelling of their marriage due to Matthew's financial troubles, she did say that Call the Midwife is "not a fairy story".

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"It's real life, and things happen in real life," she explained. "It's not beyond reasonable doubt that someone who appears to have plenty of funds [could hit a rough patch].

"You don't know who's swimming commando until the tide goes out. So it's these unexpected things that make the show real."

But will the couple pull through?

"They're dealing with a huge challenge and who knows how that will pan out," added Glen. "There aren't happy endings that you can ever take for granted. They may overcome it, they may not."

All 13 seasons of Call the Midwife are available to stream now on BBC iPlayer. If you're looking for more to watch, check out our TV Guide and Streaming Guide or visit our Drama hub for more news and features.


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