Butterfly is a brand new ITV drama that revolves around the story of a transgender child.


11-year-old Max identifies as a girl and wants to live her life as Maxine, but her parents are fundamentally divided on what they think is best for their child.

Stephen is still clinging on to the idea that Maxine's gender dysphoria is nothing more than a phase and doesn’t want his child to transition, while Vicky just wants to be supportive and ensure that Maxine's mental health is kept intact.

The three-parter has been hailed by trans activist and journalist Paris Lees as “the best thing that's happened to the trans community for years”.

Meet the cast and characters below.

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Anna Friel as Vicky Duffy

Who is Vicky? Maxine and Lily’s mother Vicky is determined not to let her separation from husband Stephen get in the way of raising a happy family. She wants what is best for Maxine and is extremely supportive, but is struggling to navigate the huge life changes her child wants to make.

Where do I recognise Anna Friel from? Best known for playing troubled detective Marcella on ITV, Friel has also appeared in The Girlfriend Experience, Broken and Pushing Daisies, to name but a few. She is also set to star in a new TV series, Deep Water, alongside Sinead Keenan.

Emmett J Scanlan as Stephen Duffy

Who is Stephen? As Vicky’s estranged husband and the father of Maxine and Lily, Stephen is desperate to still be involved in his children’s lives. He finds it very difficult and frustrating to face up to the fact that his youngest is transgender, and is reluctant to play along.

Where do I recognise Emmett J Scanlan from? Irish actor Scanlan played Brendan Brady in Hollyoaks until 2013, and has since starred in The Fall and Safe. He is also currently appearing in Sharon Horgan’s new series Women on the Verge.

Callum Booth-Ford as Maxine Duffy

Who is Maxine? 11-year-old Maxine was born as Max but has been identifying as a girl since a young age. Maxine is bullied at school and at home feels the need to suppress feelings of gender dysmorphia so as not to anger Stephen.

Where do I recognise Callum Booth-Ford from? This is Callum’s first major role – but he’s sure to be in demand after this landmark prime-time drama.

Millie Gibson as Lily Duffy

Who is Lily? Maxine’s older sister Lily is very protective of her sibling and always has Maxine’s back at school. She is also very close to Vicky and has a wicked sense of humour that keeps the family in high spirits even in the trickiest of times.

Where do I recognise Millie Gibson from? Gibson starred in one episode of Love, Lies & Records and was also in the CBBC series Jamie Johnson.

Alison Steadman as Barbara

Who is Barbara? Vicky’s mother Barbara is very loving but has an old school way of thinking and is struggling to wrap her mind around the changes in her grandchild’s life.

Where do I recognise Alison Steadman from? Steadman is best known now playing Pam in Gavin & Stacey, but has had a long and celebrated career. She was nominated for a Bafta for her role in 1986 BBC drama The Singing Detective, and again for her performance in ITV's Fat Friends.

Sean McGinley as Peter Duffy

Who is Peter? Stephen’s father Peter has a cracking Irish sense of humour and he likes to use it to lighten the mood when it comes to Maxine’s tough situation.

Where do I recognise Sean McGinley from? Irish actor McGinley has starred in Shetland, Paula and Love/Hate and also appeared in the movie Braveheart as MacClannough.


This article was originally published in October 2018