*Warning: This article contains full spoilers for Boiling Point season 1.*


Whether you blitzed through all four episodes of Boiling Point when they were released earlier this month on iPlayer or are watching it unfold on BBC One every Sunday, there's no denying that the BBC series has gripped us all.

It's no easy feat for a series that followed on from the hit 2021 film of the same name, but if the final episode has proven anything, it's that the TV show is wide open for a potential season 2.

The new drama follows Carly (Vinette Robinson), who we saw as Andy's (Stephen Graham) sous chef in the film but is head chef of Point North in the series. Throughout the four episodes, we see that Carly is struggling on all fronts – in her personal life, with the restaurant's food supply, with her staff and most importantly, with securing further funding.

While Point North and Carly are focuses of the season, so too are Andy's struggles with alcoholism and the rest of the staff at the restaurant, who are dealing with things such as poverty, mental health struggles, harassment and invisible illness.

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The episodes included everything from kitchen banter to heartbreak, incredible highs and very major lows for the Point North staff, with each centring on a selection of characters and their life beyond the kitchen walls.

But at just four episodes long, it is, of course, natural to wonder whether there's any room left in the tank for more. So, will Boiling Point be returning for season 2?

Read on for everything we know so far.

Will Boiling Point be returning for season 2?

Vinette Robinson as Carly on the phone in Boiling Point
Vinette Robinson as Carly in Boiling Point. BBC/Boiling Point TV

As of now, Boiling Point has not been confirmed as returning for a second season.

Seeing as the series is set to air its finale on BBC One this Sunday (22nd October), we're sure it'll be a case of the BBC assessing how popular the kitchen-based drama is with viewers.

We do know, though, that if it were up to director Philip Barantini or executive producer Stephen Graham, season 2 would definitely be on the cards.

Speaking to RadioTimes.com and other press ahead of the release of the series, Barantini said: "I would love to do another series, and I’m sure that everyone involved would, because there’s so much to explore in that world.

"It’s an ever-evolving, changing thing – people come and go, menus change. There’s always scope to change things around and I would love to explore the characters more. I don’t want to completely tie everything up in a bow, because that’s not what I’m about, but… it would be lovely."

Similarly, Graham hinted at there being so much more material to explore at a screening of the first episode.

He reflected on the character-driven nature of the series, saying: "In that same respect, there was a wonderful series, I felt, a few years ago called The Street, and what that did was it went into people’s houses and you got to find out what was going on behind those closed doors.

"Whereas we had a street within this kitchen, we have all these characters, and hopefully we get time to develop [them], we would be able to focus on each character and you’ll get to see what’s going on in each character’s life."

Boiling Point season 2 release date speculation

While the series may not have been renewed for season 2 just yet, the good news is that we know that filming for Boiling Point doesn't take an incredibly long time.

Filming for season 1 kicked off in January 2023, after the BBC adaptation was announced just months before, in October 2022. So, all in all, it took about a year from the writing to the release stage for the series.

That means that, if the series was to be given the green light soon, we could see season 2 on our screens by the end of 2024.

Boiling Point season 2 cast: Who will return?

The cast of Boiling Point in a montage, looking stressed
Boiling Point. BBC/Boiling Point TV Limited/Alex Telfer/Kevin Baker

Well, things were left very open-ended for a lot of our characters, so we'd be comfortable thinking that many of them would make a return to the world of Boiling Point.

New entrants Johnny (Stephen Odubola) and Bolton (Shaun Fagan) finally seemed to find their groove with one another by the end, so we're sure they'll be back for more – and we hope to get some further insight into Bolton's seemingly lonely life.

Similarly, there's plenty more to explore with other newbies Musa (Ahmed Malek) and Kit (Missy Haysom), as well as more familiar characters like Jake (Daniel Larkai) and Holly (Hannah Traylen), especially after her last episode encounter with Carly.

After their fiery episode 1 interaction, we're not sure how much we could be seeing of Freeman (Ray Panthaki) - but, because he's been such an integral character so far, we're sure he could make another appearance.

After his re-appearance in episode 4 at Jones & Sons, it seems like he's gone back to his old restaurant, but if Andy and Carly were to turn a leaf together for the sake of Point North, could Freeman make a return? Quite possibly.

As for characters we may not be seeing again, Taz Skylar's Billy seemed to be in a bad place with Robyn (Áine Rose Daly) at the end of episode 4, and seeing as Skylar is now one of the main characters in Netflix's hit One Piece (which has been renewed for season 2), we're not sure if we'll be seeing much more of the bartender.

The final episode also dealt Camille (Izuka Hoyle) some difficult blows as new sous chef Nick (Steven Ogg) continued to sexually harass her in the kitchen and Camille tried to ask Carly more about him. So, would Camille be making a return for season 2?

Chatting exclusively to RadioTimes.com about the possibility, actor Hoyle said: "There’d be a lot of fear, but I think it’s in the moments of fear where you choose to be brave where the magic happens. That kind of ritual has always occurred when making Boiling Point, and it’s always paid off. I would, definitely – my knees would quiver, but they wouldn’t buckle."

The full list of cast members we'd expect to return for season 2 are as follows:

  • Vinette Robinson as Carly
  • Stephen Graham as Andy Jones
  • Ray Panthaki as Freeman
  • Hannah Walters as Emily
  • Joel MacCormack as Liam Astrid
  • Gary Lamont as Dean
  • Izuka Hoyle as Camille
  • Daniel Larkai as Jake
  • Hannah Traylen as Holly
  • Steven Ogg as Nick
  • Stephen McMillan as Jamie
  • Stephen Odubola as Johnny
  • Shaun Fagan as Bolton
  • Missy Haysom as Kit
  • Ahmed Malek as Musa
  • Cathy Tyson as Vivian

What will Boiling Point season 2 be about?

Vinette Robinson as Carly in Boiling Point wearing a flowery dress
Vinette Robinson as Carly in Boiling Point. BBC/Boiling Point TV Limited

It's safe to say that if you haven't yet gotten through the four Boiling Point episodes, don't read on - as there are full spoilers for the season ahead.

Like we said previously, there's plenty more to be explored with these characters, and episode 4 saw many storylines come to a head.

For instance, Camille (Izuka Hoyle) tried asking Carly what she really thought of new sous chef Nick (Steven Ogg) after his increasing sexual harassment in the kitchen. So far, Bolton has voiced his anger about Nick's behaviour around Camille, but will that be enough to get Nick out of the Point North kitchen?

We also saw that, after meeting Andy, Nick was certainly a little starstruck over the chef - and even offered to be Andy's sous chef. So it's safe to say Nick isn't someone who has the strongest loyalties, and could potentially be an increasing problem for Carly.

As for Carly, she reached her own personal milestone in episode 4 and went on a date with the man her mother met at church, but sacked it off in favour of a night out with her colleagues.

At the gay club, she also shared a kiss with Holly, but pulled away – so could romance be on the cards for the pair later down the line? We're not sure, but we are certain it could make for some awkward work interactions.

After leaving Holly and co at the club, Carly then drunkenly made her way to Andy's house to confront him after he similarly spent the night looking for her.

When she does see Andy, she eventually tells him that Joel has informed her that Point North needs to close, and the following day, she'll need to let everyone know that they no longer have jobs.

But Andy insists the pair of them put their heads together to think of a plan, so could the duo start working together again? We'll just have to wait and see.

As for other characters' stories that have been left open, we'd be keen to see how Emily's journey back to sobriety goes, as well as Jamie's own battles with his self-harm and mental health.

As for Daniel and Holly, their mysterious criminal drop-off doesn't seem like it could easily be a one-off, so we could potentially see some kind of criminal story developing there.

The final episode also saw an emotional and honest conversation take place between Robyn (Áine Rose Daly) and Dean (Gary Lamont) about her Crohn's disease, with Gary feeling terrible for the way he's treated her and vowing to help her whenever needed.

Is there a trailer for Boiling Point season 2?

Slow down! As season 2 hasn't been confirmed, we don't have a trailer just yet - but watch the season 1 trailer below to relive the drama and tension that could be set to come.

Boiling Point premiered on BBC One and iPlayer on Sunday 1st October. Check out more of our Drama coverage or visit our TV Guide and Streaming Guide to find out what's on.

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