Will there be a third series of BBC drama The Split?

Creator Abi Morgan says the drama was always "conceived as three" – but will the BBC recommission The Split?

The Split

The Split has made a long-awaited return to our screens, with Nicola Walker, Stephen Mangan and Barry Atsma giving us plenty more drama in series two.


But is there to more to come? With the entire second series now streaming on iPlayer, here’s what we know so far.

Will there be a third series of The Split?

No word from the BBC just yet!

The second series was announced just after the first one came to an end back in May 2018. And while the whole of The Split series two is available on BBC iPlayer as a boxset already, the six-part drama doesn’t actually finish its weekly run on BBC One until Tuesday 17th March.

So we’ll be hoping for news sometime after that final episode… if we’re lucky.

Could there be another series of The Split?

Yes! If the BBC is keen to make another series, the show’s writer and stars are all on board.

The Split MTC

Creator and writer Abi Morgan said: “This show’s always been conceived as three, so I really hope we get to the next series.”

Annabel Scholey, who plays Nina Defoe, added: “There’s definitely a lot of cliffhangers at the end, yes, so we’re hoping for another one.”

Nicola Walker, who plays Hannah, also confirmed she was hoping for a third series – while Stephen Mangan joked: “Yeah, if we’re all still alive at the end of the second series…”


The Split series 1-2 are available now on BBC iPlayer