The BBC makes David Attenborough documentaries for three reasons.

  1. To help sell televisions at Dixons.
  2. To justify the licence fee to Daily Mail readers.
  3. To make viewers’ jaws drop at the natural world.

Speaking of jaws, what about that fight between the caiman crocodile and the jaguar on Planet Earth II last night?

It was all Twitter could talk about. After we'd had a 15 minute discussion about the difference between leopards, jaguars and panthers. And nailed down the spelling of 'caiman'.

We were obsessed.

#ThatMomentWhen You're at the Milan Derby...but Planet Earth II is on. ?
(? @ElliotHackney)

— SPORF (@Sporf) November 20, 2016

It was mind blowing.

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And I'll tell you what, footage like that is worth the price of the licence fee all by itself!

Also, we're fairly sure there hasn't been a funny crocodile joke written since the 1930s, but God bless everyone for trying.

Oh, wait, I've got one! You know that new Harry Potter film? Well, instead of Planet Earth II, they should have call...


.....darn it.