Unsolved Mysteries producer reveals new leads on cold cases being handed over to law enforcement

The hit Netflix show has received more than 2,000 tips and leads.

Alonzo Brooks Unsolved Mysteries

Hit true crime series Unsolved Mysteries is producing thousands of new leads, some of which are leading law enforcement agencies to reinvestigate cold cases, according to the Netflix series’ boss.


Unsolved Mysteries’ executive producer Terry Dunn Meurer told Variety that viewers had responded in force and there were “probably around 2,000 tips and comments at this point” and, while not all of them were credible leads, law enforcement agencies were “working the leads we’re giving them”.

Earlier, Netflix got on the case when, driven by an amazing viewer response, it created a public Google folder to upload tips about the Unsolved Mysteries cases.

Meurer couldn’t provide an exact figure on how many cases were being re-examined or how many were leads being followed by law enforcement, but said, “We pass the leads if there’s law enforcement involved. Like in the Alonzo Brooks (pictured) case. We’ve been sending leads to them for Alonzo. I’ve been working on the [Rey] Rivera case. And then the lead for Endres is going directly to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.”

He added: “We know they’re working the leads we’re giving them, and I’m sure they’re getting leads of their own, but we just don’t know. There’s just no way to quantify how many credible leads there are. But a lot has come in. It’s been very active.”

The six cases in the reboot involve a number of unusual, sometimes grisly, but always compelling unsolved disappearances or murders, including the mystery of what happened to Rey Rivera before his body turned up in a hotel room, Brooks’ disappearance after a party and how residents of a Massachusetts county claimed to have encountered a UFO.

Viewers have been asked to submit tips and leads to the Unsolved Mysteries website for each episode.

The series is a reboot of the classic true crime series that premiered on NBC in the US in 1987. Subsequent new versions screened on Lifetime and Spike TV, but the current appetite for real-life murder mysteries has ensured the Netflix series has become global hit.


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