The BBC's chief international correspondent Lyse Doucet has been covering the Syrian civil war since it began in 2011.


The war has claimed half a million lives and reduced much of the country to ash and rubble. Following a suspected chemical attack in Syria in April, images of terrified children having their eyes hosed were broadcast around the world. The US, Britain and France responded with a missile strike which aimed to destroy the Syrian government's chemical weapons facilities.

Now, Doucet is presenting an inside look at how the war started. Here's everything you need to know about BBC2's Syria: the World's War.

When is Syria: the World's War on TV?

The two-part documentary Syria: the World's War starts on Thursday 3rd May at 9pm on BBC2. It concludes on Friday 4th May.

Who is Lyse Doucet?

Canadian journalist Doucet is the BBC's chief international correspondent, and had been covering the Syrian civil war extensively since it first broke out. Her 2014 documentary, Children of Syria, was nominated in the Best Single Documentary category at the 2015 BAFTA Awards.

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She's also reported on numerous global events including the aftermath of the Boxing Day Tsunami and the Arab Spring.


What is Syria: the World's War about?

The two-part documentary examines how the war unfolded, looking at both sides of the conflict. Doucet talks to civilians, politicians and fighters who stayed loyal to President Assad, and to those who rebelled. She also brings the debate up to date, looking at the decision-making behind the West's retaliation after the chemical attack on Ghouta, featuring interviews with William Hague, former US Secretary of State John Kerry, and Ali Al Jubeir, the Saudi Arabian foreign minister.

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