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Netflix's Cat People is bringing viewers "pure joy" with its emotional yet positive representation

Here's why Netflix's Cat People is the purrfect watch, and why you should tune in if you haven't already.

Cat People Netflix doc
Published: Friday, 16th July 2021 at 12:40 pm

Are you a cat person and want to spend more of your time looking at the cute, furry creatures? Well, then Netflix's Cat People will be right up your street. And for those of you who aren't much of a fan of cats, this might be the docuseries to convert you.


The six-part series launched on Netflix on July 7th, and viewers are lapping it up.

From a musical cat known as DJ Ravioli – who we meet in very first episode – to a frail, feral kitten who spurs a couples' move to the Greek Island of Syros to start a sanctuary for stray felines, and an emotional support animal and surfing buddy, Cat People introduces us to all different breeds of the feline creature and shows us how they impact the lives of their owners in multiple ways.

It also encourages us to see cats in a whole new light, as the owners reveal their mission to dispel myths and negative connotations about "cat people".

And if it doesn't do any of the above for you, it might make you want to go out and buy a whole family of cats once you see the incredible things they can do, and no longer worry that you'll be branded as "crazy" for living amongst them.

Cat People Netflix
Cat People Netflix

We've all heard the term "crazy cat lady" before, and rapper and TikTok star Moshow, who is the proud owner of DJ Ravioli, wants to challenge this.

He wants to "represent all the cat ladies and cat guys in the world" and make owning a cat seem "cool".

"This goes beyond my music," said the rapper during an interview on This Morning. "It's so much bigger than me, my message is to save as many cats as possible, to make cats look cool and to break that stereotype of black cats being bad luck due to how they're shown in certain lights.

"My thing is to break that stereotype. Cat ladies aren't crazy, you're all beautiful and that I appreciate everyone."

Often it's thought that only dogs can be trained, but Cat People challenges the negative stereotypes associated with cats in more ways than one.

Acro-Cats founder Samantha proves that cats are just as capable by showing off how her felines have learned to bang drumsticks and pluck guitar strings.

Similarly, three-year-old cat Maverick helps to dispel some of the rumours about cats – who are stereotypically thought to hate water. Yet, here we have a bengal cat who is a passionate surfer and loves nothing more than taking to the beach with his parents and hitting the waves.

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"Maverick is a one-in-a-billion animal," Kayla Tabish, Maverick's owner, told Daily Mail. "We never forced anything on him, but he loved floating, the water and enjoying experiences with us. Now he has a love for the water."

If a surfing cat doesn't put a smile on your face, then maybe his skills will inspire your summer adventures and make you consider taking up a hobby of your own, because if a cat can do it, what are you waiting for?

Cat People Maverick
Maverick Netflix

It's stories like these that have really touched the heart of viewers, with many flocking to Twitter to share their thoughts on the new doc.

"Cat people on Netflix is such a good show! I’m so happy to see positive cat representation in the media! So often they are portrayed negatively and it always hurts my cat lady heart when I see that misrepresentation! I love good wholesome cat content," one viewer wrote.

"Watching cat people on Netflix and I have decided I need six cats in my life immediately," another added.

"Just finished watching @iammoshow on Netflix Cat People! Great episode and I love how he talks about Black Cats, they need more love," a third wrote.

Some even went as far as to share pictures of their furry friends watching along.

"I wasn't for the PURE JOY that is @netflix Cat People," another wrote. "Y'all. So sweet."

As well as educating us about the cat world, Cat People is also a very, easy watch and is sure to cheer you up on a sad day, with one viewer commenting: "Cat People on Netflix is the best show ever created. If I’m ever feeling sad I’m turning this s*** on."

But get some tissues, because it's also quite the tear jerker as you watch how each cat has transformed the lives of those around them.

A viewer wrote: "They made a show on Netflix called Cat People and it's about people and their love for their cats and I'm gonna cry watching it".

Another added: "There's a mini docuseries called Cat People on Netflix and tell me why I'm crying".

So, if you have 30 minutes to spare (or three hours because you probably won't be able to turn it off once you start), then Cat People is the show for you.

It's heart warming, entertaining, educational and just really cute.

You won't be disappointed.


Cat People is available to stream on Netflix. If you’re looking for something else to watch, take a look at the best series on Netflix or the best movies on Netflix. You can also visit our TV Guide and check out our Documentaries hub for all the latest news.


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