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“Women are born with pain built in” – Kristin Scott Thomas's epic speech on Fleabag

The actress made a memorable monologue about what it is to be a woman - and why the menopause is actually "wonderful"

Published: Tuesday, 19th March 2019 at 10:57 am

Practically every line in Fleabag series two is a stroke of genius from writer Phoebe Waller-Bridge – but fans were especially bowled over by a speech on womanhood delivered by Kristin Scott Thomas in episode three.


The actress made a cameo as a successful woman in business who Fleabag (played by Waller-Bridge) meets at an awards ceremony, and when the pair go for a drink, Scott Thomas’ character Belinda gives an epic monologue about what it is to be a woman.

“Women are born with pain built in,” she says. “It’s our physical destiny: period pains, sore boobs, childbirth, you know. We carry it within ourselves throughout our lives, men don’t.

“They have to seek it out, they invent all these gods and demons and things just so they can feel guilty about things, which is something we do very well on our own. And then they create wars so they can feel things and touch each other and when there aren’t any wars they can play rugby.

“We have it all going on in here inside, we have pain on a cycle for years and years and years and then just when you feel you are making peace with it all, what happens? The menopause comes, the f***ing menopause comes, and it is the most wonderful f***ing thing in the world.

“And yes, your entire pelvic floor crumbles and you get f***ing hot and no one cares, but then you’re free, no longer a slave, no longer a machine with parts. You’re just a person.”

Fleabag fans absolutely loved it.

Also in episode three, viewers were stunned when Andrew Scott's sexy priest became the first character on the show to notice Fleabag breaking the fourth wall...


Fleabag returns next Monday at 10.35pm on BBC1


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