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When is Urban Myths season three on TV? Who is in the cast?

Sky Arts' comedy anthology series Urban Myths is returning for a third season

Published: Wednesday, 29th May 2019 at 8:01 pm

Sky anthology series Urban Myths takes a surreal and comedic approach to celebrity stories that may or may not be true — but that have intrigued and entertained the public nevertheless. Now it's back for a third season, with episodes involving the likes of Joan Collins, Princess Diana, Charles Dickens and Donald Trump.


Here's everything you need to know about Urban Myths season three.

When is Urban Myths series three on TV?

The series will first air on Sky Arts on 10th April at 9pm, and will continue weekly until 29th May. The series will also air on streaming service NOW TV.

Is there a trailer for Urban Myths series three?

Not yet — we'll keep you posted!

What is Urban Myths series three about and who stars?

Victoria Hamilton as Joan Collins in Urban Myths (Sky Arts)
Victoria Hamilton as Joan Collins in Urban Myths (Sky Arts)

A comedy anthology of "true-ish" stories, each episode centres on a tantalising real-life celebrity tale or urban myth. In the past we've seen Adolf Hitler's attempts to be a great artist; Billy Wilder's efforts to direct a short-sighted Marilyn Monroe; Muhammed Ali talking someone down from a ledge; and Bob Dylan turning up unexpectedly on a stranger's doorstep.

This series, an all-star cast are bringing even more mythic and scandalous stories to life. Victoria Hamilton (who starred as the Queen Mother in The Crown) will play actress Joan Collins, who famously sued Random House in the mid-nineties after they withheld payment for a book she'd written, claiming it was "unreadable".

The series will also uncover how Paul McCartney dreamt up the song Yesterday, starring Tom Connor as McCartney and Outnumbered's Hugh Dennis as Richard Asher.

Kelly MacDonald as Princess Margaret & Jamie Campbell-Bower as Mick Jagger (Urban Myths, Sky Arts)
Kelly MacDonald as Princess Margaret & Jamie Campbell-Bower as Mick Jagger in Urban Myths (Sky Arts)

Meanwhile, the decades-long friendship between Mick Jagger and Princess Margaret — and perhaps the reason the Queen turned Jagger down after Tony Blair submitted his name for for the Queen’s Honours’ List — is explored in an episode starring Camelot's Jamie Campbell Bower (Mick Jagger) and The Victim's Kelly MacDonald (Princess Margaret).


Other actors featured in the series include Stephen Mangan, Pearl Mackie, Emily Atack, David Avery, Jack McBrayer, Rosie Day, and Richard Gadd.


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