The Simpsons fan thinks they’ve spotted incredible Who Shot Mr Burns? twist

The Simpsons writer Bill Oakley has since debunked the theory


A fan of The Simpsons believes they’ve uncovered a major secret pertaining to the classic season 6 episode Who Shot Mr Burns?


Reddit user Game_Of_Jobrones posted that a shot from the episode shows Homer disguised as Krusty the Clown while on his way to murder Mr Burns – who was eventually shot by Maggie.

The post, which was an answer to an AskReddit prompt, read, “In the Who Shot Mr Burns episode of The Simpsons, Mr Burns is discovered shortly after being shot and is surrounded by a number of characters, including Krusty the Klown.

“However, on close inspection it is absolutely irrefutable that it isn’t Krusty at all, but Homer Simpson in Krusty makeup (compare to when Homer dressed up as Krusty while in clown college).

“Homer was actively on his way to kill Mr Burns while disguised as Krusty, echoing when he saw Sideshow Bob rob the Kwik-E-Mart while disguised as Krusty, but was beaten by mere seconds when Maggie shot him.”

While many fans were taken in by the theory, which gained significant traction on social media, a writer for the show has since come in to debunk the claim.

Writing on Twitter, Bill Oakley said, “Let me clarify and say that if that *is* the “Homer dressed as Krusty” model (and the hair would seem to indicate it is not), we had no idea until today that it was.”

In a separate tweet Oakley shared an image of script notes from when the episode originally aired, which he said further disproved the fan theory.

He wrote, “OK I found this on my computer. Haven’t looked at this file in 25 years. (Please note I do NOT think all these appeared in the final show.) But you will see that we specifically ask that Homer should NOT appear in the Final Scene, and we do not ask that he be disguised as Krusty.”

So that seems to be the end of that – but we’re sure it won’t stop fans from positing their own explanations…

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