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Steve Coogan - My plans for an Alan Partridge movie sequel

The comedian is considering a Norfolk-based road movie as a follow-up to Alpha Papa logo
Published: Monday, 29th July 2013 at 1:44 pm

Steve Coogan is already thinking of a sequel to his Alan Partridge film Alpha Papa.


“I’ve got very purist, simple views about that, and it simply boils down to how much money it would make,” Coogan told, adding that the current idea is for a Norfolk-based road movie.

“Maybe something nightmarish would happen and it would be Alan fighting against the elements. It would just be a blustery evening, where he can’t put up his tent but it would be really major.”

Neil Gibbons, one of the co-writers of Alpha Papa, added: “Never say never again, as Alan would say.

"We were saying that it would be good to do a road trip but rather than route 66 it would be something like A148 from Cromer to Swaffam; it would be totally Norfolk based. And there would be no incident in it. It would just be him having minor car trouble.”

Alpha Papa goes on general release in the UK on 7 August but premiered at the Hollywood Cinema in Norwich's 1960s Anglia Square shopping centre last week where Coogan appeared as his alter-ego complete with light blue short-sleeved suit, to greet over 1,000 people.

The fictional DJ declared "this film is my love letter to Norwich" as he walked the red carpet.

Asked what Norwich had that London did not, he said: "A lot of flat landscape, the Wash, reclaimed land – these are things that London doesn't have and will never have.


"My favourite location during filming was Cromer Pier. I've been to Blackpool Pier, Brighton Pier, Southend Pier – but Cromer is quite simply the best pier."


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