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Star Wars' Carrie Fisher in new Sharon Horgan comedy Catastrophe - first look

Fisher plays the foul-mouthed mother of Rob Delaney’s character in the upcoming Channel 4 comedy about a couple who decide to stick together after a fling results in a pregnancy logo
Published: Wednesday, 14th January 2015 at 11:44 am

She lingers in the memory of millions as the bikini-clad Princess Leia of Return of the Jedi. But here is Carrie Fisher in a role teenagers probably haven’t fantasised about: that of a foul-mouthed and rather pushy mother.


Fisher, who is due to return in the upcoming Stars Wars Episode VII, plays Mia, the Bostonian mother of Rob Delaney’s character Rob in Channel 4's Catastrophe.

The new comedy sees Rob and Sharon Horgan’s feisty Sharon (no, neither of them have bothered to change their names) get together after she falls pregnant following a brief affair while he is in the UK on business.

Fisher’s Mia is always on hand – or at the end of the phoneline in her native America – to advise her son about his legal rights as the father of a foreign child.

Speaking to, both Horgan and Delaney said they were delighted to be working with the Star Wars actress.

“It’s quite a coup and it’s amazing every time she comes on screen,” Delaney said.

He added that she brought her French bulldog “Gary Fisher” – who pops up in the show – onto the set every day.

The comedy, which also features Ashley Jensen from Extras as Sharon’s ghastly homeopath friend, will begin airing on Monday [19th January] and has already attracted much excitement and praise in advance, as our preview shows.


As for Fisher, she has pointed out that the returning Princess Leia will be “elderly” and said: “I just think she would be just like she was before, only slower and less inclined to be up for the big battle.”


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