The time is finally here – a new season of Sex Education has landed.


While fans of the hit Netflix series have been waiting for some time now for new episodes, the fourth season is set to be the show's final outing.

But that doesn't mean that the series – which has long been lauded for its explorations of sexuality, friendship, identity and teenage nostalgia – won't deliver the same drama, comedy and powerful moments we've come to know and love it for.

One of the new season's more important moments comes in the penultimate episode, and not only encompasses the importance of accessibility, but also pays homage to one of the most quotable movies of recent times: Mean Girls.

In episode 7, we see that Isaac (George Robinson) is once again annoyed by the constantly breaking lift at Cavendish Sixth Form, which has not only affected his studying, but now also prevents him from getting to his exam on time.

Isaac triggers the fire alarm in protest, but blocks the exit with help from Aimee (Aimee Lou Wood), which causes a panicked crowd to gather in the main area.

Isaac says: "It's annoying, isn't it? Not being able to get where you need to go. I've asked nicely multiple times for the lift to be replaced and nothing has changed, so yeah, I'm going to be a little bit disruptive.

"Because quite frankly, I'm f****d off. I've got other things that I need to be worrying about... normal everyday s**t. But instead, I'm here wasting my time explaining why accessibility is a big deal when it should be a given.

"It's really important that when people ask for something that they need, you listen."

Aimee Lou Wood as as Aimee Gibbs and George Robinson as Isaac Goodwin in Sex Education season 4 painting on easels
Aimee Lou Wood as Aimee Gibbs and George Robinson as Isaac Goodwin in Sex Education season 4. Netflix

In the scene, Aisha, a deaf student, agrees with Isaac and says: "It's not a misunderstanding, it's an afterthought. None of you realise you left me behind just now when the college could have burned down.

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"I used to sign BSL as a kid, but when I went to secondary school, the access just wasn't there and I was so embarrassed to ask for it. So I pretend I'm coping as well as everyone else – it's so much work."

But then, another student in a wheelchair (played by Keron Day) also adds: "I wish people understood that our problems come from barriers in society, not from our disabilities."
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As is often the way with Sex Education, the powerful scene is rounded off with some humour, as popular kid Roman (Felix Mufti) asks "who is that?" and his girlfriend, Abbi (Anthony Lexa), replies "I'm not sure, I've never seen him before."
Another student says, "I don't think he goes here," which, of course, pays homage to the iconic scene in Mean Girls which sees a hooded Damian (Daniel Franzese) shout out "she doesn't even go here!" when an unknown student takes to the stage in the midst of the girls gathering in the school gym to read out apologies.
In Sex Education, Day's character then replies: "I'm just very passionate."

While Day has featured in short film We're Too Good For This, his appearance in Sex Education marks his TV series debut.

Day, who has cerebral palsy, has striven for disability representation as an actor, and has also previously featured on BBC Radio Cornwall during the Covid-19 pandemic, discussing leaving his university campus because of risk of getting the virus.

Sex Education season 4 arrives on Netflix on 21st September. Seasons 1-3 are streaming now. Check out our lists of the best series on Netflix – or see what else is on with our TV Guide. Visit our Drama hub for all the latest news.

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