Actress Alessandra Mastronardi has defended Master of None co-star Aziz Ansari as he prepares for his first international stand-up tour since being accused of sexual misconduct.


US comedian Ansari is currently performing again for the first time since a report of a date – in which a woman alleged that Ansari coerced her into sexual activity – was published in early 2018.

The report, published in the wake of a number of '#MeToo' revelations in Hollywood, divided opinion, with some condemning the actor, while others arguing that he had done nothing wrong.

Now Mastronardi – who played Ansari's love interest Francesca in the second season of Netflix's Master of None and currently stars in Netflix's Medici: The Magnificent – has defended her friend and co-star.

"I think it was just a bad date," she told "You have to really see what happened and what's going on to judge, otherwise there is no clear line between what is bad and what is good. And, honestly, it's a bit disrespectful to the people who really had more than a bad date. So I'm absolutely totally with him on that."

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The article, published on, featured an account from an anonymous 23-year-old woman under the pseudonym of Grace, who said that the star had "taken advantage" of her in his apartment, ignoring her verbal and non-verbal cues that indicated her discomfort.

Ansari has recently embarked on an international comedy tour that will take him to venues in Dublin, London and Manchester.

Though Netflix has confirmed that they are keen to move ahead with a third season of Master of None "whenever he is ready", there are no plans currently in place.

Mastronardi, however, has told she would be "totally" up for returning for more episodes.

"We didn't talk about Master of None season three yet," she says. "Last time I spoke with him he was doing a tour, he's on tour right now in America I think. So yeah, this is what he does: he goes on tour and he gets ideas and then he creates the show."


Medici: The Magnificent is streaming on Netflix now