The latest episode of Derry Girls featured a hilarious tribute to the Spice Girls, as Erin, Clare, Michelle, Orla and James each donned spectacular costumes to perform as the '90s girl band at a school talent show.


The routine went down a storm with viewers, but fans were quick to note that one particularly iconic outfit was missing – with no sight of Geri Horner's Union Jack dress.

Of course, given the climate of Northern Ireland both then and now, this absence shouldn't come as any great shock – the Union Jack is very much seen as a political symbol in support of Unionism, which is at odds with the beliefs of the sitcom's Catholic characters.

Creator Lisa McGee pointed this out during a recent interview with Digital Spy, revealing why it would not have been appropriate to include the dress.

"Erin is Ginger, but we haven't done the Union Jack dress because that would have been not okay to Catholics in Derry," she said. "Our amazing costume designer made her a glittery dress with a peace sign on."

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McGee had earlier revealed that the dance had been inspired by her own teenage years, claiming that there was a "horrific" video of her and her friends performing a similar routine.

"We were so bad - I mean spectacularly bad but we thought we were amazing," she explained at a Q&A at the show's Derry premiere, as reported by Belfast Live.

Meanwhile, star Saoirse-Monica Jackson said that a Spice Girls tribute was a long time coming – with the actress claiming there were clear parallels between the girl group and the main cast for the hit series.

"I actually said to Lisa before, it's like she wrote Derry Girls around the Spice Girls because each of us is so different and it's perfect casting," she explained.

"It's like your childhood dream to be Geri Halliwell on TV, and wear the ginger wig, which I really feel suited me, and do the dance routine with your friends and go to a recording studio and sing the lyrics. It's lovely, a dream come true."

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