Fans of Bad Sisters have had to exercise a lot of patience since the first season premiered back in 2022.


Now, with season 2 on the horizon - although a release date is yet to be set - we've finally got a little teaser as to what could be set to unfold in the new episodes.

Appearing on this week's new episode of podcast Dish from Waitrose, Bad Sisters star Anne-Marie Duff chatted about her new upcoming role in Channel 4's Suspect - but also a little about Bad Sisters season 2.

Although exact plot details are being kept firmly under wraps for now, when asked about the second season of the Apple TV+ series, Duff did tease to hosts Nick Grimshaw and Angela Hartnett: "Oh, baby, there's a twist and turn! I can't tell you, I suspect there are snipers everywhere."

She continued: "You know, I really didn't guess it, so it was a great [surprise]… And the amount of people who would chat to me about that show, it's been insane. And really surprising.

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"I was on Hampstead Heath, and there was a group of men running, like a running club, and they all came up and went, 'Oh my God, we're all watching Bad Sisters.' And I was like, oh! Sweaty rich men! No, no, no!

"But the amazing thing out of that was one of them said, 'Yeah, and it's really made us think about one of our friends and how he treats his wife.' Because I expected a lot of women to be cracked open by it. It's great, huh? You just never know which way a story will land, you know?"

Anne-Marie Duff in Bad Sisters wearing a blue top and jeans, kneeling on the floor and reading a letter with a surprised look on her face.
Anne-Marie Duff as Grace in Bad Sisters. Apple TV+

Duff also confirmed that filming on season 2 has now ended, saying about their choice of location: "This time around, we just wrapped the second season, it's more in Ireland.

"I think they kind of went, 'Listen lads, you're making an Irish show here.' Yeah. So, yeah, so there's more beautiful [scenery]. Sharon [Horgan] is a genius. She's a genius, isn't she?"

The hit comedy-drama was renewed for season 2 back in November 2022 after being released to critical acclaim, receiving praise for how it combined beloved murder mystery tropes with some great injections of Irish wit and humour.

The series centres on the five Garvey sisters, who are bound together by the death of their awful brother-in-law John Paul (Claes Bang) and have to try and spin the truth to avoid the suspicion of his looming life insurers.

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It's safe to say that season 1 ended on quite the revelation, with viewers keen to see how things will pick back up for the sisters, their relationships and their lives going forward.

Aside from Duff, the show is also led by series creator Sharon Horgan, as well as Sarah Greene, Eva Birthistle and Eve Hewson.

As for now, fans of Duff can tune into upcoming Channel 4 series Suspect, where she reprises her role as Susannah, the new lead.

Joined in season 2 by a crop of new characters, we're set to follow Susannah on quite the journey as she vows to try and stop a murderous patient on what could be a serial killer rampage.

The official synopsis for Suspect season 2 says that it "picks up where the first left off, with Anne-Marie Duff returning as Dr Susannah Newman, now on a desperate quest to track down a self-confessed serial killer before he kills again that night".

The synopsis continues: "When a mysterious new client Jon (Dominic Cooper) admits under hypnosis that he is a murderer and intends on killing another young female that evening, Susannah knows he must be stopped at all costs.

"When he escapes before the police arrive, and as her former lover Detective Superintendent Richard Grove (Ben Miller) is refusing to take action, Susannah is forced to embark on her own deadly mission to save Sapphire’s life, the way she couldn’t do with her own daughter."

Bad Sisters season 1 is available to stream on Apple TV+ and Dish from Waitrose is available on all podcast providers. Suspect season 2 will start airing at 9pm on Wednesday 17th July on Channel 4.


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