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9 of the most popular questions about Friends answered

We'll be there for you...

Published: Thursday, 4th January 2018 at 3:06 pm

Friends has arrived on Netflix in the UK, rejoice!


And with a new home on the streaming giant has come a whole new bunch of questions about one of America's most popular and successful sitcoms.

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions online about the comedy, its stars and the episodes.

We've done all we can to be there for you and answer them.

Are all the Friends episodes on Netflix?

Yes, yes they are. You can find all 10 seasons starring Jennifer Aniston, Matt Le Blanc, Courtney Cox, Matthew Perry, Lisa Kudrow and David Schwimmer on Netflix UK right here and right now.

Which Friends episode is the pivot?

The answer is Season 5 Episode 16 entitled "The One with the Cop".

In the episode Ross buys a new couch for his apartment, but refuses to pay the delivery fee and therefore relies on his friends to help him get it up the stairs. However, it's not as easy as they first thought, especially with Ross shouting "pivot" (meaning turn on the spot) every time the gang get to a corner.

As you can see below, frustration is oder of the day for the gang, while hilarity is the result for viewers...

Which is the funniest Friends episode?

We're not going to tell you that, it's probably your favourite one.

How old was Jennifer Aniston at the start of Friends?

Jennifer Aniston's birthday is 11th February 1969. Friends first screened in the USA on 22nd September 1994.

By our calculations that made Jennifer Aniston 25 when Friends started on TV.

How many episodes of Friends are there on Netflix?

There are 236 episodes of Friends in total across 10 seasons - and they're all on Netflix UK.

What are Friends for?

If we're honest, we're not sure if this popular question is specifically aimed at the television show.

But the answer is clearly that a true friend is someone who always says "I'll be there for you" no matter what.

What episode is the one with the Unagi?

Well, thanks for asking. The One with the Unagi is Season 6 Episode 17.

When Rachel and Phoebe take a self defence class, Ross decides to help by teaching the pair his rusty karate skills which include a state of total awareness he learned and calls "Unagi". Ross surprise attacks Rachel and Phoebe to prove how much they need his help, setting off a chain of attacks backwards and forward through the episode. It is ended by Ross surprise attacking strangers in the street that he mistakes for his friends.

Which Friends episode does Ross wear leather pants?

It is of course Season 5 Episode 11, better known to Friends fans as The One with all The Resolutions.

Ross's New Year resolution is try something new every day. It turns out there was a reason why he hadn't tried leather pants before...

What episode of Friends does Rachel make the trifle?

The One Where Ross Got High is Episode 9 of Season 6.

It's also the episode where Rachel tries to impress her Friends at Thanksgiving by making them a delicious traditional English trifle. Unfortunately the pages of her cook book seem to be stuck together resulting in trifle complete with a layer of minced beef.




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