Forget all the bother about turning Friends into a movie. The ending was actually pretty good for a long-running series with such enormous expectations. Let's not tamper with that. Instead (jazz hands at the ready) let's turn Friends into a musical. Rumours are rife Stateside that such a show might be being considered - and we think it might just work...


It's bursting with classic (and a few dodgy) musical moments from the ten series. Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Joey and Phoebe can sashay across the stage re-telling the story in glorious live-action detail. And who doesn't want to see a dancing Gunther?

Here's some magical (and musical) moments that prove our point...

Of course, the opening is basically written in stone. Cue The Rembrandts...

If you don't know the words to Smelly Cat you'll be asked to leave. Immediately.

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OH.MY.GOD it'll be like totally educational, too. Yeah, Grandma didn't move to Peru...

It can cover all special occasions. Christmas done. Hanukkah done. Spin that dreidel, Rachel.

The show will owe a lot to Sir Mix A lot, naturally

Ross can play the show out on the keyboard

...or the bagpipes

There's some ready made hits there. Surely the Lion King musical won't mind...

A group sing-song? That's got musical written all over it

There can be a bit of drama in the middle

Even Chandler has a solo in the bag (with a little, er, help from Phoebe)

Let the auditions begin...


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