Against the Law

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Against the Law


With the UK’s Pride festivities nixed this year, BBC4 is casting an LGBT rainbow via some timely repeats. The superb 2017 drama Against the Law has a sensitive performance from Daniel Mays, cast against type as Peter Wildeblood, the upper-crust journalist jailed in the 1950s for homosexual activities, whose account of the injustices he endured helped lead to reform in 1967. 

It’s followed by Prejudice and Pride, a two-part doc in which comedians Stephen K Amos and Susan Calman find tears, bravery and reasons to be proud in the 50-year fight for gay rights — essential viewing for every smalltown boy and girl. (Concludes tomorrow.) On Thursday, Boy George’s 1970s.


Fact-based drama based on the 1954 Montagu Trial, in which gay journalist Peter Wildeblood and his friends Lord Montagu and Michael Pitt-Rivers were tried for homosexual offences. The ensuing scandal and public outcry over the fairness of the case forced a reluctant government to set up a committee to investigate whether homosexuality should be legalised. Starring Daniel Mays and Mark Gatiss and featuring testimony from gay men who lived through those days, a retired police officer and a former psychiatric nurse.

Cast & Crew

Peter Wildeblood Daniel Mays
Eddie McNally Richard Gadd
Fanny Paul Keating
Edward Montagu Mark Edel-Hunt
Dr Landers Mark Gatiss
Prosecutor Roberts Richard Dillane
Supt Jones Charlie Creed-Miles
Lord Wolfenden David Robb
Michael Pitt-Rivers Josh Collins
Defence Rawlinson Daniel Betts
Clerk of assize Timothy Watson
Dan Starling Barney White
Governor Cockayne James Gaddas
Iris Claire Bond
John Reynolds Matthew Canny
Tony Mark Holgate
Radio announcer David Watson
Director Fergus O'Brien
Executive Producer Aysha Rafaele
Producer Scott James Bassett
Writer Brian Fillis
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