Series 3 - Episode 6



When last we saw Tamsin Greig and Simon Bird sharing the screen they were playing a cracking mother and son combination in Channel 4’s Friday Night Dinner. Now, though, the pair share the chair on Crackanory, delivering some sinister comedic bedtime stories for big boys and girls in the last episode of the series.

Bird narrates a tale about a young student (who could easily pass for his Inbetweeners character, Will) with a superstitious elderly landlady, while Greig’s sharing the story of a man who’s trying to hide the CIA agent living under his house from his girlfriend. We’re sure they’ll all live happily ever after.


Simon Bird reads Unlucky for Sam, involving a young student and his superstitious landlady, and a man attempts to hide a CIA agent in Bob's House, read by Tamsin Greig.

Cast & Crew

Reader Simon Bird
Reader Tamsin Greig