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Samsung Galaxy Note 20 FE release date, price, rumours and specs

The future of the lite edition of Samsung’s Note 20 is shrouded in mystery right now – but here’s everything we know.


Rumours have abounded concerning the fate of Samsung’s Note series, a line of handsets whose raison d’être – if we were to be completely honest – has never fully convinced us. The super-sized line of handsets, which each come with an ‘S-Pen’ stylus for tablet-style work, has divided opinion on its niche in the market and whether its exorbitant costs are justified.


In recent times, the Note handsets have started to look increasingly similar to the more popular S series of phones – the most recent of which, the Samsung Galaxy 21, which had a UK launch in January.

It was back in August 2020 that the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 was launched in the UK. There is much to like about the latest addition to the Note line, from the 5G connectivity to the triple-camera array. But the Note 20 came at a hefty cost – as did the full-fat Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, which came with a larger 120Hz AMOLED design and an all-round nicer design.

Many Samsung fans are now waiting for a Note 20 equivalent to the Note 10 Lite (pictured above), positioned as a more affordable alternative to the Samsung Galaxy Note 10. It might have come with fewer bells and whistles, but it also took a far less significant dent out of your wallet.

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Samsung Galaxy Note release date

At this point, we can’t give you a release date as Samsung is yet to confirm that this phone is actually getting a release. Indeed, we’re getting the sense from rumours abounding online that the fate of the entire Note series is hanging in the balance – the fact the Samsung S21 came with S-pen compatibility being something of an omen.

We’re confident that Samsung will give us an update on the status of a potential Galaxy Note 20 FE in the next few months – or at least will give us a general health check on the future of the Note range.

How much will the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 FE cost?

At this point, we can only hazard a guess. When this article was published, we see a 22% price difference between the Note 10 and Note 10 Lite handsets on Amazon, so perhaps that’s an indicator of how much less a Note 20 FE would cost compared to the Note 20.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 FE: features to expect

It’s all pure speculation at this point, but we can still make some informed predictions.

We’re highly likely to see the same hard plastic – or as Samsung calls it, ‘glasstic’ – build that characterises the Note series. You’ll almost certainly get the same S-Pen included since this is the Note’s defining feature. If the differences between the Note 10 and Note 10 Lite are anything to go by, the Note 20 FE will share the same three-camera array specs as the Note 20.

Internally is where we’re likely to see the mains differences in an FE handset. While the Note 20 runs on an Exynos 990 processor, we’re far more likely to see something lower-grade in a Lite-ish version.

Sadly, for now, almost everything we know about the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 FE is pure guesswork. But when more info comes forward, we’ll be sure to update this page, so do keep it bookmarked to find out more about this potential addition to the Note line.


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