Calling all Formula One fans! Did you know there’s a streaming service entirely dedicated to your favourite sport, with live statistics, pre and post-race shows and historical documentaries all in one place?


Now introducing F1 TV, the home of Formula One’s greatest catalogue of bonus and inside content.

First launched in 2018, F1 TV has an enormous collection of racing archives and special shows looking back at the history of the sport. Plus, for fans of the current season (in short, anyone who loves Verstappen), it gives an in-depth look into the drivers and teams with the help of expert panellists.

Best of all, F1 TV gives you live timing updates which allow you to track statistics like tyre pressure and telemetry in real time during a Grand Prix – perfect for the obsessed petrol head.

F1 TV is available to buy through subscription and can be watched in the UK through portable devices, smart TVs and streaming sticks. To help you find out more, we’ve put together this guide of everything you need to know about the streaming service, including what you do and don’t have access to, how to get it, and how much it costs.

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So start revving those engines, here’s everything you need to know about F1 TV.

Sign up to F1 TV from £2.29 a month

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What is F1 TV?

F1 TV is a hub for all things Formula One. Whether it’s behind-the-scenes action, special explainers or historical archives, this streaming service has it all.

Within its huge catalogue, the service includes pre and post-race shows, analysis, Tech Talks, documentaries and the official F1 archive.

It also has live timing features for each race, such as leaderboard data, tyre usage history, real time telemetry and live driver maps.

Sign up to F1 TV from £2.29 a month

What does F1 TV give you access to in the UK?

Let’s get this out the way first: F1 TV does not show live races in the UK. This is because the F1 streaming rights belong entirely to Sky Sports and, for the British Grand Prix only, Channel 4.

When you buy F1 TV in the UK, you’re signing up for all the bonus content that can complement your race watching experience. For instance, the live timing features will allow you to keep track of the map, leaderboard, team radios and other statistics, while the pre and post-race shows will give you more in-depth analysis and behind-the-scenes facts than the main channels.

Plus, the service has a massive F1 archive, featuring the highlights of every season since 1970 and a look back at the sport’s greatest races, moments, and drivers.

Sign up to F1 TV from £2.29 a month

How much does F1 TV cost in the UK?

The service you can sign up to in the UK is called F1 TV Access, which you can buy on either a monthly or yearly subscription plan.

The monthly subscription plan costs £2.29 a month, which you can cancel any time. Meanwhile, the annual plan costs just £19.99 for the whole year.

Sign up to F1 TV from £2.29 a month

How to watch F1 live on F1 TV

Austrian Grand Prix circuit
Austrian Grand Prix. Getty Images

As we’ve said, you can’t watch F1 races on the UK version of F1 TV. If you want to catch them live, you’ll either need a Sky Sports subscription, or you can use a VPN in order to access the US version of F1 TV.

In the US, you can sign up to F1 TV Pro, which lets you have full access to live races, as well as immediate race replays and extra live timing features. This subscription costs $80 for a year or $9.99 a month.

How to watch onboards on F1 TV

As with the live races, the onboard cameras can only be viewed through a subscription to F1 TV Pro. And as this only accessible to North American customers, you’ll need to find yourself a VPN or subscribe to Sky Sports instead.

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How many devices can you use F1 TV on?

You can use F1 TV on up to six separate devices at once. The service is available on the internet as well as the app, which is available on all iOS and Android devices, and can also be accessed through streaming sticks like the Amazon Firestick, Roku and Chromecast.

How to get F1 TV on your smart TV

F1 TV is compatible with a few different smart TVs. You can get it on Roku products, Apple TVs, Google TVs and Amazon’s new range of Fire TVs, which came out earlier this year.

To access the service, you simply need to download the app from your TVs app store and enter your login information. Then, you can enjoy the live stats and thrills of a race weekend from the comfort of your own sofa.

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How to cancel an F1 TV subscription

You can cancel your F1 TV subscription at any time. All you have to do is login to your account on the F1 TV website and click on the person icon at the right-hand corner of the screen. Then, you select “Manage Account” and “My Subscriptions” and there you’ll find a link that says “Cancel Subscription” under your next payment date.

Once you have cancelled your subscription you will still be able to use and access F1 TV until the date of your next renewal.

Sign up to F1 TV from £2.29 a month


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