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When is Rainbow Six: Quarantine released? What’s it about? Is there a trailer?

The Rainbow Six series goes full horror in this upcoming Tom Clancy game

Rainbow Six Quarantine

Zombies are all the rage in video games, with even non-horror heavyweights such as Call of Duty and Red Dead Redemption adding undead enemies to their usually grounded premises. Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six is the latest franchise to get a scary spin-off, this time pitting an alien parasite against the poor human race…


Here’s everything we know about this genre-hopping game.

When is Rainbow Six: Quarantine released?

There isn’t a firm release date for Rainbow Six: Quarantine just yet. The game was initially due out in early 2020, but along with Watch Dogs Legion and Gods and Monsters was one of the many titles Ubisoft decided to delay – though all are still expected in 2020.

What consoles and platforms will Rainbow Six: Quarantine be released on?

Rainbow Six: Quarantine will be available on PS4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows, as well as upcoming next-generation consoles the PS5 and Xbox Series X.

What’s Rainbow Six: Quarantine about?

Moving away from the usual soldiers vs. terrorist premise of the Rainbow Six franchise, Quarantine takes the popular Outbreak limited event from Rainbow Six Siege and turns it into an entire standalone game. Set several years in the future, an alien parasite has been unleashed upon the world and it is up to the Rainbow Six team to drop into quarantine zones to fight this mutating threat.

The game will be a three-player co-op shooter, encouraging teamwork as you fight against alien monsters rather than each other. The action, weapons and gadgets are said to be similar to previous entry Rainbow Six Siege, though of course with a horror twist.

Can I pre-order Rainbow Six: Quarantine?

You can pre-order the game via Amazon here.


Is there a trailer for Rainbow Six: Quarantine?

Yes – it’s rather creepy: