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Ghostwire Tokyo: release date speculation, plot and trailer

Everything we know about this mysterious new game from Tango Gameworks

Published: Tuesday, 21st April 2020 at 1:56 am

From the studio that made The Evil Within comes Ghostwire Tokyo, about the sudden disappearance of the inhabitants of - you guessed it - Tokyo. With one of the co-creators of Resident Evil also on board, this looks to be a suitably spooky paranormal investigation made by some top talent.


When is Ghostwire Tokyo released?

The game was announced at E3 2019 without any sign of a release date - which usually indicates a bit of a wait. 2021 seems like the earliest release date at this point.

However, the game's creative director Ikumi Nakamura left Tango Gameworks only a few months after the game's announcement, which may well delay the game further.

What consoles and platforms will Ghostwire Tokyo be available on?

No platforms have been confirmed yet for Ghostwire Tokyo, but at this point the game will likely release on PS5 and Xbox Series X as well as PC.

What's Ghostwire Tokyo about?

Echoing a recent superhero movie, the trailer for Ghostwire Tokyo shows much of Tokyo's inhabitants suddenly vanish into thin air, and then gives us some visually striking but unexplained images of a hooded street archer, a mysterious masked man, a moving Japanese gate and a dying flower.

It looks as if players will become the mysterious bow-wielder glimpsed in the trailer, and will have to work out why people are disappearing by meeting human survivors and friendly spirits, battling paranormal enemies and unravelling conspiracy theories. In a unique mix of genres, the game is said to be primarily an action-adventure game with a few hints of survival horror.

The trailer also suggests the game will be graphically stunning, with a few shots looking impressively photo-realistic.

Is there a trailer for Ghostwire Tokyo?


Yes - it's as stylish as it is spooky.


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