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Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 animal taming: How to tame boars, chickens and wolves

Frogs do not need taming if you were wondering

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Published: Thursday, 25th March 2021 at 1:08 pm

We are well into the fun and excitement of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 now and there have been numerous changes made to the game - and some are massive ones too!


The Zero Crisis Finale is the catalyst for all that change and now things have gone on primal! The Fortnite map is now prehistoric, there are new Fornite skins that have been added with more on the way - and we have animals entering the world!

Boars, chickens, raptors and wolves are the ones that can currently be tamed (frogs are tame enough) and you can start taming them right now. Actually, you will need to do it if you want to complete the Fortnite Week 4 challenges.

So for all you need to know about the animals and how to tame them, read on for all the info!

What are the new animals in Fortnite Season 6?

We don't have the full list yet and we imagine that more and more animals will be added to the game as the weeks go on but here are the ones that we do know of that are in the game.

  • Frogs
  • Wolves
  • Chickens
  • Wild Boar
  • Raptors

It seems unlikely that the list will end there and we will add more animals to the list as soon as they are announced or we come across them.

How to tame animals in Fortnite

animals fortnite
Epic Games

So, the animals in Fortnite can be tamed, although we currently don't know of a way to tame a frog (which is probably because they aren't known for being particularly savage). As for the others, here is all that you need to know.

It is worth noting here that you can now craft yourself a hunting cloak which will make the process of sneaking up on the animals a lot easier.

How to tame a wolf in Fortnite

  • Get exploring in the wild regions of The Island until you come across a wolf.
  • Take a wolf out and you will get some meat - a brand new resource to the game.
  • Now lure another wolf out by throwing the meat near it and then hide from it.
  • Carefully approach the wolf while it is distracted by the meat.
  • Now press down and hold the interact button and you will have yourself a tamed wolf!

How to tame a wild boar in Fortnite

  • Firstly, make sure you are equipped with some fruit and vegetables.
  • Head to the wild regions of The Island and keep an eye out for a boar.
  • Make sure you are out of sight to the boar and then throw some of that fruit and veg near it.
  • Once it is interested in the food, sneak up on it carefully.
  • Now press down and hold the interact button and a tamed boar shall be yours.

How to tame a chicken in Fortnite

  • Once again, The Island's wild regions are where you will want to head.
  • There is no food needed this time so when you spot a chicken, chase that clucker down!
  • Now press down and hold the interact button and you will be the proud owner of a tamed chicken.

Now obviously chickens are not known to be violent or dangerous (unless you are playing a recent Assassin's Creed game) but they do give you the power to jump higher than normal and to allow you to slow down a fall from higher ground.

How to tame a raptor in Fortnite

  • First, make sure you have some animal meat in your inventory (either boar, chicken or wolf meat will do).
  • Head to the wild regions of The Island, and look around until you find a raptor.
  • When you've found the raptor, sneak up on it and throw some meat to the beast.
  • While the raptor is eating the meat, get close to it and press the interact button to tame it.

Fortnite has said that the most dangerous animals are still to come and we are keeping our fingers crossed that the frogs, chickens, wolves, raptors and boar are going to be joined by much larger creatures. Here's hoping we will be taming and riding a T-Rex before we know it!

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