If you're an avid player of Splatoon 3, you may have already noticed that your Nintendo Switch console wants to download a big update today.


The pile of Splatoon 3 patch notes is pretty big this time, thanks to the Chill Season 2023 content being added to the game in time to provide some festive fun.

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Splatoon 3 updates generally include a lot of bug fixes and technical tweaks, as the developers continue to balance the game to keep it fair and running smoothly. Read on to learn more!

What changed in the Splatoon 3 update?

The Splatoon 3 update that you've downloaded most recently sounds like a pretty massive one. Many of the game modes have seen tweaks both small and large. The developers have overhauled the game into its new form, officially designated 'version 6.0.0'.

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And it's not just technical tinkering, either. As well as the usual balancing changes, bug fixes and weapon tweaks, this update also brings in content relating to the Chill Season 2023.

This year's Chill Season will start on Friday 1st December and run until Thursday 29th February 2024, providing a whole winter's worth of enjoyment for players. That's the main 'out of the ordinary' thing to be added this time!

Full patch notes for Splatoon 3 version 6.0.0

The full patch notes for Splatoon 3 can be found on the Nintendo website at this link. We've included some of the topline changes below, but you'll want to click away to the Nintendo site if you want to see the full breakdown, including some highly informative tables and loads of listed bug fixes.

Nintendo explained on its website: "This update focuses on adding features for Chill Season 2023, which starts in December, as well as adding features to Anarchy Battle (Series) and X Battle, changes to Salmon Run, and tweaks to multiplayer.

"For Anarchy Battle (Series), we have created a unique goal for this mode by tracking and recognizing five-win streaks.

"In X Battles, we have added changes that make different variations occur more frequently than before to make it easier for players to set their own individual goals, even after playing this mode for a while."

Nintendo's summary continued: "With Salmon Run, we have made changes that make it easier to play with a goal in mind during Big Runs, and adjustments to job titles when the schedule changes during Normal Jobs.

"For battles, we added new weapons and special weapons, and we have also adjusted some weapons to make them easier to use.

"Our next update is planned for the middle of Chill Season 2023 and should focus on balance adjustments."

You can read the rest of the Splatoon 3 patch notes on the Nintendo website. It's a pretty long list and it's formatted much more nicely over there than we can manage here.

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