You've already got a fair way into the Resident Evil 4 remake if you're struggling with the Grandfather Clock, a tricksy puzzle that wants you to input the correct time. There are actually two of these clocks, but only one right answer to open them.


When you run into the first Grandfather Clock in Resi 4, playing as Ashley Graham, you probably won't have found the clue yet that tells you how to open it. We'd recommend leaving the clock alone and leaving the room through the door on your left, which is unlocked and has nothing to do with the clock (it took us a while to work that one out).

You will eventually find a scrap of paper that tells you the right time to put in, which is the one key code that works with both Grandfather Clock puzzles in RE4. But if you'd rather we just tell you what to do, keep on reading!

What time should you put in Resident Evil 4 Grandfather Clock puzzle?

We got so stuck at this point on our first playthrough of Resident Evil 4 that we couldn't resist capturing the footage to help you avoid the same fate. You could spin the minute and hour hands around all day and not hit the right time!

Check out our video walkthrough below and you'll see how to solve the Grandfather Clock puzzle in Resident Evil 4 by putting in the right time:

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If you're more of a written guides sort of person, no worries! We're happy to tell you here that 11:04 is the solution to the Grandfather Clock puzzle in the Resident Evil 4 remake.

Input that time – which is 11 hours (XI in Roman numerals) with the little hand, and four minutes with the big hand – and the Grandfather Clock will open, giving you a new area to explore behind it.

Remember that there are two Grandfather Clocks in the Ashley Graham section of the game, and 11:04 is the time that opens both of them. Explore both secret passages and you should be well on your way to finishing the chapter! For some more general tips on the game, check out our video below.

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