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May Day Maze Guide: How to complete the Animal Crossing New Horizons Maze

All you need to know about the May Day celebrations!

may day animal crossing
Published: Thursday, 29th April 2021 at 3:57 pm

Animal Crossing will take any excuse to add new content or throw a celebration, so its no surprise there's something special planned for May Day.


There is a maze at the heart of the event for you to work your way through, but it's not simple. You will need to do certain things and collect particular objects to be able to find your way back out again.

If you do not yet have a way to play the game, all you need is a Nintendo Switch and a copy of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Once you are set up, you may as well say goodbye to whatever limited social life you still have, as the game is a time-eater in the best possible way.

But back to the maze and May Day — keep reading for all that you need to know!

When is May Day in Animal Crossing?

The event kicks off in Animal Crossing New Horizons on 1st May and it will run for a whole week until 7th May. The event will starts at 5am and ends at the same time seven days later.

To take part, you will need to make sure that you have the latest patch installed. Don't worry, you will be prompted to do that when you next boot up the game, if you haven't already done so.

This is the update that has all the new content including the Animal Crossing Museum stamp collection.

How to complete the Animal Crossing New Horizons Maze

First of all you will need to make your way to May Day Island but remember you can only visit once, so you will need to complete it when you arrive. Otherwise you will have to wait and hope that the island comes back for 2022.

To go there, just head to Tom Nook and he will give you all the information you need before he sends you on your way to Dodo Airlines. Meet Orville when you get there and he will give you your special May Day Ticket. Then just tell him that you want to go and select 'Use May Day Ticket' to be sent on your merry way!

You will have all your inventory items taken off you before you go, but don't worry, you have not been the victim of a virtual island theft — you will have them all returned to you when you get back.

When you arrive, you will be greeted by the maze and the mission is to get out of it!


It's not just as simple as finding the exit, you will need to collect materials as you go that you will use to make it to further sections. The best thing to do is to pick up every single thing you find, as the last thing you'll want to do is extra backtracking - you will have to backtrack at various points anyway.

This is how you can complete the maze. If you want to try it without a guide first then scroll down a bit, as we're spoiling the whole thing here!

  • When you begin, pick up the shovel and dig up the bush to your left. Underneath is some fruit that is native to the island that you will want to collect.
  • Eat the fruit and then shovel up the tree that you will see close by.
  • There is a hole directly ahead of you, so jump over it. To do this, just walk up to it and your avatar will handle the jumping part for you.
  • Now you will see three pieces of wood. Head over to them and pick them up!
  • Keep following the path and jumping the holes until you are just above three holes lined up in a row.
  • Jump over hole three and pick up the materials you will come across, then hop back to where you were.
  • Now do the same with the second and you will see a second tree branch and a Worn Axe to pick up.
  • Once you have jumped back again, you need to head west in the direction you came from until you come across another tree.
  • That Worn Axe you found will come in handy now, as you will use it to chop the tree down, then use the shovel to dig out the stump.
  • Pick up the tree branch and the two pieces of fruit that have been revealed and then make your way to the centre of the maze.
  • You should be back at those three holes again and the only one you didn't jump across will have been the first one - now is the time to do it.
  • Once you have cleared that hole, keep following the path in a westerly direction until you come across a large rock.
  • Eat a piece of fruit from your inventory and then shatter the rock by whacking it with your shovel, which will reveal an iron nugget to collect.
  • A bit of backtracking now. Just head to where the three pieces of wood were from earlier and there will be another rock in need of smashing.
  • The smashed rock will reveal more fruit and two DIY recipes - Flimsy Axe and Axe - both of which you may well already have back on your own island.
  • Keep following the path until you come to another tree. Now do what you did for the last tree - eat some fruit, destroy it and dig up the stump!
  • Now you will see a DIY workbench. Use it to craft the flimsy axe and then upgrade it to an axe.
  • Back to those three holes again now! Jump across them and you will come to another tree that you will want to chop down with the axe to collect the fruit it leaves behind.
  • There will be another hole to your north. Jump over it and follow the path and you will be back at those original three holes again. Jump back over the first one.
  • You will come to yet another tree and you know what to do by this point - axe it down!
  • Now you will have a new hole to jump over! Once you have cleared it you will come to your last bit of fruit, so collect that and then jump over the next hole. Just make sure you do not consume the fruit yet.
  • Next, and we are nearly at the end, you will come to three trees, so just take them down with your tools.
  • And that's it! You'll now be at the end of the maze. Congratulations on making it through!

If you do get lost at any point, use the '! Rescue Service' and you will be transported back to the start. You shouldn't need to do this if you follow the guide, but at least there is a way to reset things if you do get into a muddle.

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How to get Rover's Rewards

rovers rewards animal crossing

Wondering about the point of completing the maze? Some shiny rewards, of course, courtesy of Rover!

Once you exit the maze, Rover the cat will be waiting for you. Just have a chat with him and he will give you Rover's Briefcase. This will be sent to you when you get back to your own island.

There is more to find before you go though, so here is what to do:

  • Dig up the bush near Rover's campfire and you will get four Bell Vouchers.
  • Now dig up the bushes that are located behind the tree and you can now access the left-hand side of the maze.
  • Run around the maze and head to the beginning where you will see three rocks. Now consume that fruit you collected just before leaving the maze and then destroy the rocks to nab yourself five more Bell Vouchers.
  • You will now have nine Bell Vouchers that can be exchanged for 27,000 Bells.
  • Now you have everything there is to collect from this May Day excursion, so all you need to do now is leave.
  • To do this, dig up the two bushes that should be to your right and then walk around until you meet Wilbur, who will send you home.

When you get back to your own island, head straight to your postbox and all the rewards you have earned will be there waiting for you! You can go back to Tom Nook to let him know what you thought of the adventure if you like, but other than that, you're all done.

Happy May Day!

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