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Mass Effect: Legendary Edition - Can you finish side missions after completing each game?

Beware the point of no return.

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Published: Thursday, 13th May 2021 at 6:48 pm

Get ready for a shinier Normandy as the Mass Effect: Legendary Edition has arrived which means the galaxy is on the verge of being wiped out all over again. ...Yay?


The Mass Effect trilogy, so all the games with the exception of Andromeda - the one the Mass Effect family doesn't like to talk about - are here with a fresh coat of paint and some changes to make them better than ever.

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One change that our fingers have been crossed for is the ability to go back and finish up all the non-main story quests and exploration that Mass Effect 1 has to offer. 2 and 3 have always allowed you to do this but it was missed on the first - but is that still the case now?

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Can you finish side missions after completing each game in Mass Effect Legendary Edition?

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One of the glaring omissions from the Mass Effect trilogy before was not being able to go back to a point before the ending in the first game to mop up the billions of side missions and unexplored planets that will no doubt be left.

You could in Mass Effect 2 and 3, but not in the debut story. With the Legendary Edition, surely that would be something that Bioware would have fixed? After all, you could be forgiven for losing the flow of the story if you take hours and hours out of it to go exploring and chatting to NPC's.

Well, clearly Bioware did not get the memo as that change has not been implemented and the same needlessly frustrating problem exists in the remastered version. It is a real shame that this relatively simple change was not made as if you don't make a save point (and you aren't told to) then the only way to see everything the game has to offer is to replay the whole thing.

At least this is only an issue with Mass Effect 1 but we have to admit to being disappointed that this was not something Bioware thought to change.

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Where should you save your game in Mass Effect 1 before the ending?

As mentioned, this is a non-issue in Mass Effect 2 and 3 but for the first game, you will be left with no way to go back and explore the world if you don't make yourself a save point before the final portion of the game kicks off.

We won't go into spoilers here, but towards the end of the game you will plot a course to the planet Ilos and once you land there you are locked into the end game with no way of backing out of it.

So just before you fly there, make yourself a second save slot and that is the one that you will go back to in order to work your way through all the side quests and to explore all the planets that you can scan or visit.

But remember, you won't be told that you need to make the save - so don't accidentally forget or else you will be starting from scratch all over again!

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