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How to catch Pancham in Pokemon Go: Raid Battles and Strange Eggs

Pancham has arrived in Pokemon Go! Find out how to catch one here.

How to catch Pancham in Pokemon Go
The Pokemon Company
Published: Tuesday, 11th May 2021 at 5:21 pm

Pancham arrived in Pokemon Go today (11th May), with fans able to catch this panda-like creature in the game for the first time.


As part of the Luminous Legends X event, players worked together to unlock Pancham in the game. Niantic pledged to unleash this cute bear if players caught 500 million Fairy-type Pokemon during the recent event and players reached that target. Now we're being rewarded with Pancham!

But how do you actually catch Pancham in the game? You might have noticed that this new Pokemon is not available in the wild, but you do have some other options if you want to catch one. Read on to find out all the details!

How to catch Pancham in Pokemon Go - Raid Battles

Starting on 11th May at 10am, Pancham will be available for six days in Pokemon Go Raid Battles. This means you'll need to wander around your local area and try to spot a Pancham floating above a nearby Raid location.

You'll need to defeat that Pancham before you can catch it, which means mucking in on a Raid Battle and succeeding in winning it.

You might be interested to know, then, that Pancham is a Fighting-type Pokemon, so it will be weak against Fairy, Flying and Psychic-type Pokemon. Any of those from your collection would be good counters!

If you want to catch a Pancham in a Pokemon Go Raid Battle, you have until 17th May at 8pm, when Pancham will stop appearing.

Pancham moveset in Pokemon Go

Pancham has two Fast Moves and three Charged Moves in Pokemon Go. The Fast Moves are Low Kick (which is a Fighting-type move) and Tackle (Normal), while the Charged Moves are Body Slam (Normal), Crunch (Dark) and Low Sweep (Fighting).

How to catch Pancham in Pokemon Go - Strange Eggs

If you don't have any luck with the Raid Battles, fear not. There will soon be another way to catch Pancham in Pokemon Go.

During Part One of the upcoming Luminous Legends Y event, players will be able to hatch Pancham from Strange Eggs. You'll be able to catch Pancham in this way from 18th May at 10am until 24th May at 8pm.

Strange Eggs can only be picked up by defeating a Team Rocket leader or Giovanni, so you'll need to get involved in some Rocket battles if you want to pick up a Pancham egg during this event.

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Can you catch a shiny Pancham in Pokemon Go?

As far as we can tell, there is no way to catch a shiny Pancham in Pokemon Go at the moment. This is often the case when a new Pokemon is added, so it's not exactly a cause for concern. We'd expect a shiny version of Pancham to arrive at some point in the future, and we'll be sure to let you know if/when that is announced.

How to evolve Pancham into Pangoro in Pokemon Go

If you'd like to evolve your Pancham into a Pangoro, that's pretty simple to do in Pokemon Go. You'll need to pick up 50 Pancham Candy, which you'll be able to do by catching a whole load of Pancham and sending most of them over to the Professor. Do that enough times, gather 50 Pancham candies, and get that evolution sorted!

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