There has been a lot of hype surrounding the Guardians of the Galaxy game, and now that it's arrived, you can start hunting for trophies and achievements in the game (depending on your platform of choice, of course).


Whether you're working towards a Platinum trophy on PS4 or PS5, or simply ticking off all the achievements on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S or PC, there are plenty of little tasks here to keep you entertained for hours. It's only Nintendo Switch users that will have to do without, since there's still no achievements system on the console.

But for you trophy or achievement collectors out there, what does this game have to offer and how much work is needed to get them all? Here is all you need to know about the Guardians of the Galaxy game's achievements and trophies.

Guardians of the Galaxy trophies or achievements list

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While Star-Lord may be the main character you play as, it is interesting to note that the achievements do take into account the whole team and a large portion of them are directly linked to other members of the Guardians squad.

There is a bonus trophy for PlayStation players who will nab a platinum trophy, This is What We Do, for collecting every single other one – so keep this list in mind and get them as you go for ease and time.

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  • Self-improvement - Purchase your first Star-Lord Ability
  • Dynamic Team - Invest in at least one Special Ability for Gamora, Drax, Rocket, and Groot
  • Fully Loaded - Invest in all Special Abilities for all Companions
  • Flash Freeze - Acquire the Ice Element for Star-Lord's blasters
  • Shock and Awe - Acquire the Lightning Element for Star-Lord's blasters
  • Fan Friction - Acquire the Wind Element for Star-Lord's blasters
  • Lava Launcher - Acquire the Plasma Element for Star-Lord's blasters
  • Pick Me Up - Revive a fallen team member
  • Stagger Swagger - Stagger 25 enemies
  • No Way, Nova Corps - Interrupt a Nova Centurion with Gamora's Call to Action
  • Slakebuster - Interrupt a Slakebeast with Drax's Call to Action
  • Groot Canal - Interrupt a Charger with Groot's Call to Action
  • Drax the Dismemberer - Dismember an Inquisitor with Drax's Call to Action
  • Star-struck Unstoppable Force - Attain the maximum possible Momentum 10 times
  • The Crowd Goes Wild - Execute a Flair Attack 10 times
  • Set 'em Up, Knock 'em Down - Defeat 15 Staggered enemies with a Charged Shot
  • Bullet Hell - Defeat 15 enemies with Star-Lord's Fan the Hammer ability
  • Adding Injury to Insult - Defeat 10 enemies affected by Drax's Wrath of Katath ability
  • Trained to Perfection - Defeat 10 enemies with Gamora's Executioner ability
  • Boom Show - Defeat 20 enemies with Rocket's Five Barrel Barrage
  • Herbal Remedy - Revive or Heal Companions 10 times with Groot's Gift of the Florae
  • Altitude Adjustment - Defeat 20 enemies with Star-Lord's Eye of the Hurricane
  • Killer Friendship - Execute an Auto-Combo with Gamora
  • Katathian Handshake - Execute an Auto-Combo with Drax
  • Aim Assist - Execute an Auto-Combo with Rocket
  • Timber! - Execute an Auto-Combo with Groot
  • Thoughtful Captain - Find half of the Guardian Collectibles
  • Managerial Skills - Find all of the Guardian Collectibles for one Guardian
  • Like a Glove! - Find and equip one Outfit
  • Fashion Passion - Find and equip all Outfits
  • Lore Hoarder - Collect 65 per cent of all Quillopedia entries of each category
  • Galactic Frugality - Pay your Nova Corps fine
  • Eat It, Rodent - Win the bet against Rocket

Guardians of the Galaxy game spoiler trophies and achievements

But that is not all! That was the list revealed ahead of time but it omits a few others that are either secret/hidden ones, or they are achievements/trophies tied directly to the story. Revealing them also reveals key story details so if you don't want to know what they are, turn away now.

Still here? OK then! There are 16 more achievements/trophies that you will get for finishing the game and each individual chapter. If you play the game through then you can't miss them so we won't get into the details there. As for the other secret ones, here they are:

  • Llama Wrangler - Capture the Quarantine Zone monster
  • Squid Kicker - Defeat the Dweller-in-Darkness
  • Family Intervention - Defeat the Blood Brothers
  • Mama's Boy - Defeat the Meredith Quill delusion
  • Titanslayer - Survive the manifestations of Thanos
  • Foom's Doom - Defeat Fin Fang Foom
  • Faithless - Defeat Grand Unifier Raker
  • Poetry Critic - Defeat The Magus

How long would it take to earn the Guardians of the Galaxy game Platinum trophy?

We'd estimate that you could earn the Platinum trophy in the Guardians of the Galaxy game in under 25 hours.

You could, in theory, do it all in one playthrough, but we'd predict that most players will not – it's more likely that you'll want to nip back into chapters multiple times to pick up every single outfit, lore dump and resource. It should be fun, though!

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