There are plenty of hidden items and rewards to find in Dead Island 2, including fuses. During your zombie-slaying jaunt in HELL-A, you’ll come across open fuse boxes beside locked doors.


You need to collect a fuse to reactivate these fuse boxes and open up those locked doors. It’s worth doing as there will always be some cool loot waiting for you within.

Where do you get these fuses? There are a bunch of these busted fuse boxes scattered across the regions of the map so you’ll need to find a whole lot of them. Luckily they can all be found (and bought) in one easy location.

Keep on reading to find out where to find fuses in Dead Island 2. We’ll detail the location you can get them below.

Where to get fuses in Dead Island 2

To find fuses in Dead Island 2, you need to buy them from Carlos the trader in Emma’s Mansion. This is the same mansion you’ll find Sam B in – yep, that Sam B – and it can be accessed early on in the game.

You unlock the ability to talk to Carlos and buy his wares during the main story mission in which you head to Emma’s Mansion. Once this is done you can return later on to buy more fuses.

Each fuse will set you back $1,500. Given how many broken fuse boxes there are to fix across the map, you’ll need to make sure you have enough cash to spare.

Don’t worry if you buy all of Carlos’s stock of fuses, he will restock later on. Keep heading back for more if you can afford them.

Once you have purchased a fuse, head to one of the many fuse box locations marked on your map screen. Place the fuse into the broken box and, hey presto! The locked door beside it is now open.

Head inside and you should find a Zomproof Slayer Hoard. These are big blue item crates that contain some uncommon or rare weapons so it’s definitely worth seeking out a fuse and fuse box. You should also spot some crafting materials in these fuse box locations to make the trip even more worthwhile.

A word of warning, though: These fuse box locations can contain powerful zombies and other hazards that you’ll need to take down/avoid. It’s not all smiles and sunshine in the zombie apocalypse, after all.

Our best advice is to stock up on fuses as soon as you can buy them from Carlos in Emma’s Mansion. This way, you’ll have some to hand when you come across fuse boxes that need to be fixed. Remember you can always head back to Carlos for more if you run out. For more tips, see our video below!

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